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HEE10 - Health Education England marks ten years of growth, delivery and innovation

As HEE readies to merge with the new NHS England, we look back on ten years of growth, delivery and innovation. HEE existed for one reason only: to support the delivery of excellent healthcare and health improvement to the patients and public of England by ensuring that the workforce of today and tomorrow has the right numbers, skills, values and behaviours, at the right time and in the right place.

We will continue to support the NHS on workforce, education and training once we become part of the new NHS England at the start of April, building on our commitments to a new and different workforce, widening participation to improve our workforce’s diversity, and preparing our workforce for a radically new technologically driven future.

HEE Chief Executive and NHS England WTE Chief Officer Navina Evans said:

We have so much to be proud of in HEE, and we will carry that pride with us as we move into the new NHS England. Marking 10 years of HEE is the perfect time to come together, acknowledge what we have accomplished and thank one another before we begin a new chapter. I personally want to thank every single one of our HEE colleagues and partners for your contributions – we have, and will continue, to make a real difference to the people we serve.

Ten years of HEE

Ten years of HEE

As part of our transfer to the new organisation we are marking and acknowledging the contribution HEE has made over the past decade.

Over 10 years our impact has been over 104,000 doctors, 125,000 nurses, 165,000 Allied Health Professionals, 17,500 pharmacists and 6,500 dentists and dental practitioners, contributing to net growth of 73,000 NHS clinical staff.

HEE has also innovated. The HEE Star has now been used in 98% of ICS areas. The NHS has recruited 11,000 Nursing Associates in the last two years alone. Over 600 people have started blended nursing degrees since 2020. We have led the recruitment of 115,000 apprentices since the levy was introduced in 2016, with record numbers of GP trainees year on year.

In our final year HEE once again broke GP trainee records, remained on course to deliver 50,000 new NHS nurses, grew the Digital First agenda, created a unified NHS Knowledge Hub through our knowledge and library services which enabled the workforce to access all resources in one place with a single search, launched the world’s first medical apprenticeships with 200 starters, e-LfH hit 100m session launches from 2.5m users, and we stand with NHS England on the brink of publishing the first national long term workforce plan.

HEE10 and you

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On 20 March 2023, we held an event on 'Thought Leadership - Investing in our people: sustaining the health and care workforce now and in the future.' Please watch our recording below.

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