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Learning Disability Peer Education Programme 


This was commissioned to provide education to families, personal assistants and small independent care providers, delivered in partnership by peer educators and subject matter experts. The aim of the work is to support the development of peer coaching and training to provide learning and resources that will upskill the families and carers through the period of transition into restart and the new future after Covid-19. The education was developed for families as a priority but is also relevant to Personal Assistants and small support providers. 

It will provide evidence on how peer-delivered education can support stretched families by giving families and carers the knowledge, skills and support to use appropriate strategies to prevent crisis escalation. This can contribute to the potential for reduction of unnecessary admissions for people with a Learning Disability of all ages whose distressed behaviours may otherwise lead to hospital admission. 

Why is the training needed?  

This is an approach to remote education and coaching provision which is designed to reduce the pressure on stretched families and support the interventions service providers offer.  It recognises that coaching from other (peer) family members is uniquely valued, especially where accompanied by input from subject matter experts.  

What will the training look like?    

  • A single source of learning and development materials from trusted sources in one place, will aid families, personal assistants and small support providers accessibility to quality resources  
  • Remotely-delivered/online training will provide accessible learning opportunities, leading to increased capability and increased resilience.   
  • Provision of telephone or online-based coaching will ensure timely responsive access for families to access personalised, expert guidance.   

What will the peer education programme involve?  

Health Education England have appointed British Institute of Learning Disability (BILD) to deliver the programme to those supporting people with learning disabilities. 

This is an approach to remote education and coaching provision which is designed to reduce the pressure on stretched families and support the interventions that service providers offer.  It recognises that coaching from other (peer) family members is uniquely valued, especially where accompanied by input from subject matter experts.  

It will contribute to the reduction of the potential for unnecessary admissions for people of all ages whose distressed behaviours may otherwise lead to hospital admission by giving families and carers the knowledge, skills and support to use appropriate strategies to prevent crisis escalation.    

Who will deliver the peer education programme?   

British Institute of Learning Disabilities 

Independent evaluation

An initial independent evaluation of the two peer education projects has been undertaken and further work has been commissioned to evaluate the impact of peer education, and to build case studies. The second stage evaluation will be published in January 2022.  

If you would like an accessible version of the independent evaluation report please email learning.disability@hee.nhs.uk