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Training for non-medical prescribers

Extending prescribing responsibilities to health care professionals other than doctors and dentists is already playing a key role in achieving the aims of the NHS plan.

Prescribing roles build on and extend registered professions ability to deliver full episodes of patient care. In turn this enhances patients timely access to treatment with medicines and patient experience whilst reducing waiting times, hospital admissions and more effectively using members of the healthcare team.

Non-medical prescribing programmes provide the knowledge, skills and training to prescribe safely and competently. This ensures patients are supported by a wide variety of the healthcare team to optimise the use of their medicines, and improve the quality monitoring of conditions and medicines use.

University courses

Pharmacist prescribing courses are funded by HEE and provided by universities across Yorkshire and the Humber. Acceptance onto the training programme is confirmation of funding for the programme. The option to self-fund is also available.

There is an admission process and criteria which must be met to support training. Eligibility includes having the relevant governance and mentor support in place along with the opportunity to use the training once qualified. The university will be able to outline further details but this includes support from a doctor to act as the Designated Medical Practitioner.

Community pharmacy queries

We currently fund training places for those offering services to NHS patients more than fifty percent of the time, and have supported community pharmacy applicants.

However the Department of Health states that there must be assurance that the individual can use their prescribing qualification as soon as they get it. For community pharmacists this usually involves the local support of a business case, in order to secure a prescribing budget and access to prescriptions once qualified.

Standard computerised revalidation instrument for prescribing and therapeutics

SCRIPT is a standard computerised revalidation instrument for prescribing and therapeutics and comprises 41 learning e-learning modules within an interactive multi-media package developed by HEE, the University of Birmingham and OCB Media.

It is based on competencies set out in the General Medical Council Foundation Curriculum and learning competencies relevant to non-medical prescribers. Both encourage safe, effective and appropriate prescribing by prescribers.

SCRIPT can be used to meet the needs of the local prescribing workforce:

  • F1 and undergraduate doctors – 16 modules mandated for F1 trainees 
  • Preparation for Prescribing Skills Assessment being piloted by The Medical School Council and British Pharmacological Society. 
  • To enable GP’s to update their prescribing and as continuing professional development 
  • For Core and Speciality Medical Trainees 
  • Continuing professional development For Dentists 
  • For Pre- Registration Trainee and Foundation Pharmacists 
  • To support delivery of “Fast Track” Non-Medical Prescribing course
  • To support revalidation of Non-Medical Prescribing courses & portfolio development