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Work-based learning programmes

We have a number of work based learning programmes which are free to access and suitable for all staff.

The Medicines Optimisation Training Programme (MOTP) delivers quality training which enhances medicines optimisation knowledge and skills and supports professional behaviours. This has been developed working with multi-professional teams and pharmacy colleagues, both locally and across the UK.

The full programme offers introductory eLearning modules, a variety of self-directed introductory learning workbooks, and foundation and advanced training modules which will support the pharmacy workforce now and into the future.

The medicines optimisation training programme is open to all staff who meet the entry criteria. All candidates should be approved, nominated and supported by their managers and employer, assigned an educational supervisor and have support from a mentor to complete the full programme of training.

Please access the programme via The Learning Hub (account required) and search for Medicines Optimisation Training Portal where you will find all the resources.

We have produced a programme of four medicines optimisation training modules covering: medicines optimisation essentials, understanding medicines supply, supporting patients to take their medicines and safe handling and reducing risks with medicines. This e-learning programme is suitable for all staff handling medicines, and those staff new to the management of medicines.

Our calculating drug doses module covers patient safety in medicines calculations and has a supporting workbook with a variety of practice calculations.

These modules are intended as a general and brief overview of patient safety and the management of risks. They look at legislation, the importance of following standard operational procedures, roles and responsibilities and medicines optimisation principles when handling medicines in care settings.

Each module focuses on a different topic, looking at how we keep patients safe and introduces the basic concepts of delivering an effective and safe medicines service to all staff new to the management of medicines.

These modules offer support for learning or revision along with a variety of extra learning materials, including case studies, activities, factsheets and reflective exercises.

Please access the eLearning via The Learning Hub (account required) and search for Medicines Optimisation Training Portal where you will find all the resources.

Accuracy Checking Medicines is a critical skill for all people handling medicines, whether it is in the assembly, dispensing, production, checking, release or administration process.

The North East and Yorkshire Pre- and In-Processing Accuracy Checking (PIPC) Framework has been approved by NHS ASAG and provides a nationally recognised accreditation upon successful completion.

Please contact the North East and Yorkshire Workforce, Training and Education Directorate (WT&E) at england.wtepharmacy.ney@nhs.net to find out more.