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High intensity long term conditions / medically unexplained conditions training resources

Resources to support high intensity long term conditions / medically unexplained conditions training


Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) 

Panic disorder

  • Resource: Panic Disorder Manual Clark, D.M. & Salkovskis, P.M. (2009)
  • Resource: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: A Practical Guide (2nd Edition). Hawton, K., Salkovskis, P.M., Kirk, J. & Clark, D.M. (Eds). Oxford: Oxford University Press

Chronic Pain

Irritable bowel syndrome

Medically Unexplained Symptoms (MUS)

Long term conditions/Chronic illness

  • Resource: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for chronic illness and palliative care: A workbook and toolkit. Sage, N., Sowden, M., Chorlton, E., & Edeleanu, A. (2013). John Wiley & Sons
  • Resource: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Chronic Medical Problems. White, C. (2001). Chichester: Wiley
  • Resource: A self-help chapter on 'Depression in physical illness' by Moorey, Burn and Snowden in: Brosan, L., & Westbrook, D. (2015). The Complete CBT Guide for Depression and Low Mood: A comprehensive self-help guide for people with depression and low mood that also offers invaluable advice for families and other supporters. Hachette UK.
  • Resource: Reclaim your life. Chris Williams. ISBN: 978—906564-88-9. Five Areas, Glasgow.

Health anxiety 

  • Resource: Overcoming Health Anxiety. Willson, R., & Veale, D. (2009). Robinson.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Coronary heart disease

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is not a condition that is included in the long term conditions curriculum, but this manual is included as a reference because it describes an intervention that has been researched and its utility evidenced; as such it may be a helpful resource for services that receive referrals of clients with MS.

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