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The National Education and Training Survey

The National Education and Training Survey (NETS) allows learners within clinical learning environments to tell us their views about their education and learning. 

NETS will enable us to reach a wider range of clinical learners, identify good practice and ensure improvements in educational quality.

Frequently asked questions

It will be the first time that a national survey has been available to the whole range of learners on placement within the NHS.

The National Training Survey (NTS) administered by GMC has, for a number of years, provided valuable annual feedback on how medical postgraduate trainees view their training posts. The NETS will complement this feedback and enable us to reach a wider range of clinical learners, identify good practice and ensure improvements in educational quality.

NETS has been designed to be the only survey we will regularly send out. As part of the evaluation process, we will review all our other surveys used by learners and decide whether these should continue.

The survey is the learner’s opportunity to help improve the quality of training and education in England.  It will also help organisations that provide placements to identify areas of good practice and areas that need improvement.

Feedback from learners about their training post/placement will provide us with assurance about the quality of clinical learning environments to ensure we enable staff to develop the right skills, values and behaviours to deliver high quality, safe patient care.

Sometimes learners have moved on before changes and improvements are made to the post/ placement they gave views on – but every response does matter as feedback is crucial to help make sure that changes can be made.

NETS will provide the first source of evidence about the quality of learning environments that will enable national comparison and benchmarking across all learner and professional groups.

It will help trusts to demonstrate to learners and regulators that they provide a high-quality learning experience.

It will help higher education institutions to showcase the quality of the clinical placements available within their programmes.

We will analyse the data and create reports at national, regional, local HEE office and individual placement provider level.  We will be able to compare results across individual professional groups by academic year as well as individual organisations.  In the future we will publish these reports which may be useful to prospective students as well as support individual organisations to promote good practice and improve the clinical learning environment.

We will act on feedback in a timely manner.  However, due to the short length of some clinical placements, you may not see change before you leave.  You can be assured that we take your feedback seriously and will work with placement providers and others to continually improve the learning environment.

Pre-registration clinical learners and post graduate clinical learners who are on placement during the time that NETS is open for completion.  For example, for the November 2018 survey, learners on placement during 12 November to 14 December 2018 will be expected to complete the survey.

For the first time, this national survey will also include students on programmes that lead to registration in the following professional areas:

Medical trainees

Foundation year 1 and 2




Dental trainees





Health Care Scientists

Pre-registration Pharmacists


Non-Medical Undergraduate Learners


Nursing and Midwifery


Mental Health

Learning Disabilities




Allied Health Professionals


Occupational Therapists

Operating Department Practitioners






Post-registration Paramedic Practitioners

Diagnostic Radiographers

Therapeutic Radiographers

Speech and Language Therapists

Data collected within the survey tool will be downloaded to HEE’s secure data warehouse.  Answers to the survey will be confidential and only reported publicly in aggregated form to prevent identification of individuals.  Free text responses and comments will be shared with HEE local Quality teams.  This will allow them to follow through where we need to properly investigate and address any issues raised – especially if these identify bullying or patient safety issues.

Trusts/ placement providers will not know what you have individually said as the results will only publicly report the information in an aggregated form to prevent identification of individuals.

Participants’ personal data will be securely stored by us, as the data controller, and by Jisc Online Surveys as the data processor licensed by us.

Personal data that we gather as part of this process will only be accessed, seen and used by staff who need access to the personal data, to fulfil their role within the remit of education quality improvement and NETS.

In exceptional circumstances, we may need to share your personal data (name and e-mail address) within services across HEE and with other third-party organisations (eg. Department of Health, NHS trusts, other NHS and government agencies) where a serious concern is identified.  This will only be on a legitimate “need to know” basis.

Where the data is used for analysis and publication, your personal details will be kept confidential, so that it is not possible to attach any responses to specific individuals.