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Platforms and Content

TEL’s learning platforms support more than 2.5million users across health and care providing a range of specialist training and resources for education, professional development and sharing best practice.

There are more than 500 elearning programmes developed with partners and clinical experts and around 16,500 resources available to the health and care sector and partners in professional bodies, education and local government.

The platforms are free at the point of access and available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, to support efficient, sustainable and flexible ways of learning for a wide range of professional health and care roles and specialties.

Learning Hub

The Learning Hub is a national digital learning platform providing easy access to a wide range of educational resources and support for the health and care workforce and educators.

Organisations can contribute and share a wide variety of self-managed content, knowledge and learning resources including elearning, articles, videos, images and more.

The platform also offers individuals access to specialist resources to support their education and professional development locally, regionally and nationally with the ability track and evidence their learning and activity.

We are currently developing the Learning Hub into a single national learning platform for health and care which will include elfh and DLS and will be among the biggest of its type in the world.  

(CTA) To join the Learning Hub, sign up using your @nhs.uk @gov.uk @ac.uk email address

(CTA) For more information about the Learning Hub, visit the Technology Enhanced Learning TEL blog TEL blog  or follow us on Twitter @HEE_TEL

elearning for healthcare (elfh)

elfh supports provides elearning resources to educate and train the health and care workforce and support improved patient care and outcomes. With more than 500 elearning programmes available, elfh content encompasses a vast range of roles and specialties and is quality-assured and free to access.

Our elearning programmes are developed in partnership with professional bodies, including Royal Colleges and associations, NHS organisations, charities and other health and care organisations to ensure we are supporting the latest developments in clinical care, research and professional development. They are available to the entire health and care workforce, including teachers, volunteers and local government.                               

The elearning programmes are available via the elfh Hub, with most also being available via the Electronic Staff Record (ESR), OpenAthens and local training platforms.

Some HEE elfh programmes are also available internationally via eIntegrity.

For more information about HEE elfh visit: https://www.elfh.org.uk/

Digital Learning Solutions

Digital Learning Solutions provides a range of free, customisable training and assessments for generic IT skills that allow organisations to release their own staff’s time for face to face training for clinical systems and other bespoke training.

The learning and accompanying tracking/reporting provides your organisation with assurance that the workforce is equipped with the underpinning digital skills necessary to work effectively in the health and social care sector.

If you are thinking of developing digital or online learning resources, contact us: tel@hee.nhs.uk.

You can also follow us on twitter @NHSE_TEL, subscribe to our monthly newsletter, TEL News, by emailing:edtechcomms@hee.nhs.uk and read our TEL Blog.