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Simulation and immersive technologies

Simulation-based techniques and immersive technologies are core ways for training the health and care workforce alongside traditional educational methods.  

They enhance the competencies and professional capabilities of health and care workers and prepare learners by providing a safe learning environment to practice real-world health and care scenarios. They also offer unique ways to apply safety science and human factors to improve organisational learning, system performance and staff wellbeing. 

Immersive learning technologies and blended learning approaches underpin growth in education capacity, ensure equitable access to learning and enhance simulation and immersive learning practices at scale which support key targets of the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan.   

We work nationally to: 

  • support the delivery of NHS Long Term Workforce Plan, Educator Strategy and Patient Safety Syllabus 

  • professionalise simulation faculty to design and deliver health and care education 

  • deliver the Immersive, Simulation and Related Technologies Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) as an approved procurement channel for health and care and education providers. 

  • develop guidance to support the exploration, adoption and implementation of simulation and immersive technologies at scale. 

  • host communities of interest and communities of practice to innovate and collaborate across the health and care simulation and immersive technology community. 

To find out more about our work or to sign up for our meetings and communities of practice, please email england.simimmtech@nhs.net

Find our publications, case studies and other resources via our catalogue on the Learning Hub: https://learninghub.nhs.uk/Catalogue/nhsesimimmed 

In addition, opportunities for wider engagement with industry are being investigated, with future plans to develop a cohesive immersive technology strategy and policy that will enable delivery of learning that is fully embedded in current thinking. 

Feedback and further Information

If you have any questions about the TEL Simulation and Immersive Technologies programme, please email england.simimmtech@nhs.net