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Topol review

Our NHS Workforce Report Facing the Facts, Shaping the Future – a draft health and care workforce strategy for England to 2027 published in December 2017 describes the nature and scale of the immediate and significant workforce challenges facing the NHS and the wider health and care system, and sets out proposals for the management of workforce issues at both local and national level.

The game changing pace of development in relevant technologies such as genomics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, digitalisation and data analytics, bionanotechnology and robotics means they will form a key part of the future NHS. To enable NHS staff to make the most of these opportunities to improve services and help ensure a sustainable NHS, the Secretary of State for Health is commissioning a major independent review, led by Dr Eric Topol facilitated by HEE.

The review will be based upon the best available UK and international evidence and views of experts in relevant fields, having regard to building on and accelerating the ongoing programme of work to respond to these changes within the United Kingdom’s professional regulatory and educational bodies. It will provide interim conclusions to the Secretary of State by June 2018 and a final report by the end of 2018. This will advise on:

  • how technological and other developments (including in genomics, pharmaceutical advances, artificial intelligence, digital and robotics) are likely to change the roles and functions of clinical staff in all professions over the next two decades to ensure safer, more productive, more effective and more personal care for patients;
  • what the implications of these changes are for the skills required by the professionals filling these roles, identifying professions or sub-specialisms where these may be particularly significant;
  • the consequences for the selection, curricula, education, training, development and lifelong learning of current and future NHS staff.