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Trainee information system

The trainee information system (TIS) programme is a national initiative to develop information systems for the management and administration of trainees and learners.

We inherited a complex and disparate portfolio of information systems that are used to manage trainees and learners associated with ourselves through funded and supported training programmes and initiatives. The number of information systems and their functional scope and scale has resulted in an uncoordinated, expensive and difficult to integrate information systems landscape, that is, and will continue to constrain our ability to develop our business.

There are currently over 100 systems with little integration or interoperability. Therefore there is a crucial need for TIS as the current systems estate has a number of issues which are;

  • Duplication of functionality
  • Complex commercial relationship with suppliers
  • High cost of ownership to maintain and respond to the changing needs of the organisation.

The TIS programme has taken time to review and understand the user experience, and how the future architecture/road mapping could improve the system across the regions.

TIS has two aims, the first is to improve the user experience and reduce duplication of work, the second is to reduce cost for the organisation.

- Create a rational and managed information system estate provisional at lower cost

- Provide a transparent data model and associated process alignment and data repository supporting business reporting

- To demonstrate value for money

- Put users at the heart of development and system usage

- To set up an environment where stakeholders are able to efficiently interact with different components e.g. data sharing

- To demonstrate a high standard of information governance and financial/procurement and contract management

- The system will replace  many of our systems and will aim to create a single learner record.  Where there is duplication of information then well specified data exchange process should ensure a good degree of alignment

- The system aim is to eliminate the need to re-key data by having reliable data exchange and data validation processes

- The system will seek to support processes and the way users work and this will be done by changing the way we develop systems by constantly involving the user community

- The system will aim to improve reporting through a simplified dataset which users understand

- The users will help design how the system looks, feels and works so that routine tasks are easier. In addition, the system will seek to automate many routine tasks and introduce workflows to help users plan and order their work

If you have a question about the programme please visit our frequently asked questions. If you need more information please email our team.