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Trust users support

Trainee Information System (TIS) support and useful contacts for trust users.

TIS replaces the Trust Workforce System (TWS). The system will provide you access with information about the trainees who are currently at your Trust. So, if your trust is the training and/or the employing trust (particularly important to those of you who are Lead Employers) for a trainee you will see their record. A further development in TIS will allow access to historical and future trainee and a further one (if deemed necessary) will allow access to trainees via their programme membership. TIS contains the trainee record, their placements and all training posts at your Trust.

Currently there are no functions on TIS to record Study Leave or Teaching Sessions. Until functionality to manage study leave is developed study leave will continue to be recorded on the templates from your local offices. There is currently no workaround for Teaching Sessions however your local office will be able to supply historic/current data to support trusts with offline solutions they introduce.

TIS has now been rolled out to those trusts previously using Intrepid. The latest updates include:

Pilot testing of Tableau Reporting solutions

We will be using ‘Tableau Reporting Solutions’ software to present the business intelligence and data we receive in an easy-to-understand format

A test version will be made available to a small selection of pilot users to test, identify any issues with the style and establish if the correct data is displayed

Feedback from testing will clarify and highlight priority areas for improvement

Review of other reporting solutions

We are identifying and testing other potential solutions, in parallel to this work. The outcome will be shared with stakeholders.


Pilot testing is projected to take place in early 2019, and a further update will be provided.



TIS national service desk

If you require assistance on a specific issue, please contact your regional service desk. 

Midlands and East:  tissupport.me@hee.nhs.uk

South: IMSupport.South@hee.nhs.uk

London and South East: servicedesk@hee.nhs.uk

North: tissupport.north@hee.nhs.uk

    The Service desk will help provide technical assistance in the areas outlined in the table below.

    ​Service Desk Examples
    TIS Issues/Bug​
    • Error messages
    • Performance Issues
    • Unable to perform a certain task
    TIS Development request
    • New feature request
    • Change request
    TIS Account Request
    • New Account Set up
    • Changes to existing account
    Reporting Issues
    • Error messages
    • Performance Issues
    • Unable to perform a certain task
    Reporting Account Request
    • New Account set up in Tableau & SQL
    New Report Creation 
    • New Reports request
    • Changes to existing reports