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Training hubs

Training hubs

Training hubs are designed to meet the educational needs of the multi-disciplinary primary care team, and bring together NHS organisations, community providers and local authorities.

Watch our animation on Training hubs and how to access them


Training hubs provide a much broader education than the traditional single professional approach and also support workforce planning. Training hubs are an essential vehicle of workforce transformation due to their ability to engage multiple general practice organisations and provide consistent education and workforce planning support. 

These are networks of education and service providers (NHS and non-NHS) based in the community. They are tasked with increasing capacity for future workforce training in the community and the development of the current and future workforce around the needs of a regionally defined population.

As we identify solutions to common barriers and build on an agreed funding framework, our local offices are best placed to implement training hub initiatives that allow some variation in approach through a common operating model across England.

Regional footprint

  • North East and Yorkshire
  • North West 
  • Midlands 
  • East of England 
  • London
  • South West 
  • South East 

Contact: traininghubs@hee.nhs.uk to get in touch with our teams. 

An editable version of this flyer can be found in related documents below, allowing local contact details to be added. 

Through their activities, training hubs support the delivery of HEE objectives and priorities as described in the Mandate and the HEE workforce plan: “Framework 15”. In addition, they are ideally placed to work within the NHS’ newly emerging system architecture, and support delivery of the NHS Long Term Plan. Access the Primary and Community Care Training Hub programme operating guidance.