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RoSTA System

RoSTA is a Register of Skills Training & Achievements and is a cloud based central repository for:

- Personal data

- Placement data

- Training and achievement data

RoSTA has replaced the Core Skill Register and is relevant to those who move between NHS organisations such as Junior Doctors, Nursing Students and Allied Health Professional Students. RoSTA provides assurance of Core Skills compliance and is Information Governance compliant which is important when learners are accessing a variety of learning experiences and placements. RoSTA allows the user i.e. Medical Educational Manager, Core Skills Lead & Practice Education Facilitators within organisations to view learner details and check learner core skills compliance.

What can RoSTA do?

The functionality of RoSTA allows the generation of reports allowing core skills compliance to be viewed. RoSTA collates personal data, placement data and training Information enabling access to learner history and certificate of up to date training.

Benefits of RoSTA?

Core skills compliance reduces unnecessary training and so is cost effective. Reducing duplication of training encourages the efficiency of staff, learners and resources required supporting induction processes and training portability

How to I register to RoSTA?

Before access to the system can be granted you will need to complete the RoSTA Readiness Assessment. The readiness assessment has been sent to the core skills lead within your NHS trust or Higher Education Institution.

If you have any general questions or queries in relation to RoSTA please email: STEP.Helpdesk@sthk.nhs.uk