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The NW Streamlining Programme Office arrangements ceased on 31st March 2019, however, Streamlining activity continues across the region and beyond. Below is information on where you can go directly to get help with a range of initiatives and actions which support streamlining aims.

National Resources and Networks

NHS Employers host a national resource hub which has useful information and guidance on why to streamline, a toolkit on how to streamline Statutory and Mandatory Training and a range of helpful case studies.

NHS Employers also support two national networks for streamlining leads. A Steering group for senior sponsors and an Operational Group for programme and workstream leads.

Information about other regional programmes and contacts can also be found here.

Website: NHS Streamlining Resource Hub

Email: streamlining@nhsemployers.org

National Doctors in Training (DiT) Programme

The programme centres on 6 key principles for achieving a streamlined rotation for junior DiT. NHS Employers, NHS Improvement and Health Education England are working in partnership, alongside a number of ALBs and providers to support the spread and scale of these across the country to ensure a streamlined rotation for this group of staff. Several of these principles apply to general staff moving around the NHS. National work on this element of streamlining will support streamlining for any/all staff in the future.

Website: NHS Streamlining Resource Hub

Email: melanie.whitfield3@nhs.net

Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) Alignment

The proprietary steps in the streamlining of Statutory and Mandatory training require alignment to the Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF). Alignment is via self-assessment; tools and resources are available to support organisations to align. A directory of aligned organisations is also available for any organisations who want to check which other are aligned for the purposes of accepting/rejecting training from other organisations.

Website: Skills for Health Direct link to the CSTF Directory 

Email: CoreSkills.Framework@skillsforhealth.org.uk

elearning for healthcare and training packages 

elearning for healthcare, part of Health Education England (HEE) have a robust and recognised platform for hosting elearning and are experts in elearning package delivery for the NHS. 

A suite of CSTF compliant elearning packages, including assessments, have been developed and are maintained by elearning for healthcare in line with updates to the CSTF for each of the 11 standards within the framework. These packages are available directly on the platform, via ESR and can be hosted in organisations platforms. They are free to NHS Trusts and several others across health and social care.

Website: elearning for healthcare statutory and mandatory training

Email: support@e-lfh.org.uk

NW Student Core Skill Training Pathways

Student on healthcare related programmes, who have requirement to undertake clinical placements within NHS settings, must be trained to the same standard as staff in those settings. The NW streamlining programme, NW Universities have worked closely with elearning for healthcare to develop pathways for these students containing training they can complete to gain the correct level of compliance each year (3 year pathways) for their placements. Compliance reports are available to universities to show student compliance and non-compliance.

These are tailored specifically to the needs of healthcare programmes in the North West but are available to other programmes, cohorts and outside NW universities if they also need their needs.

Website: elearning for healthcare 

If you are a university wishing to use the national packages and the north west pathways please contact e-lfh.

Email: support@e-lfh.org.uk

RoSTA and STEP – the North West Register of Skills, Training and Achievements (RoSTA) and the System wide Training and Employment Passport (STEP)

The System-wide Training and Employment Passport (STEP) Project is developing an online system that will allow the transfer of training and employment information between organisations to support the greater mobility of the healthcare workforce. The information held will include pre-employment data such as DBS checks, right to work and occupational health along with relevant mandatory training records including Clinical Skills.

The project is building upon existing work undertaken by the Streamlining programme in the North West which included development of a Skills Register (RoSTA). The RoSTA system has provided valuable learning which should enable the development of a wider, stable and more scalable solution, which is the intention of the STEP project.

Website: From the 01/04/19, the STEP Project Team will be managing and maintaining the Workforce Streamlining Website: www.hee.nhs.uk/our-work/workforce-streamlining this will include the RoSTA Support page: www.hee.nhs.uk/our-work/workforce-streamlining/rosta-system

Email: STEP.Helpdesk@sthk.nhs.uk The STEP Project Team who continue to support RoSTA until it is superseded by the STEP system later this year.

Benchmarking and data relating to the North West Programme

The streamlining programme was hosted by East Cheshire NHS Trust, however, all data is owned and stored within HEE. 

The programme office gathered a large volume of benchmarking, progress and comparison data with regards both systems and practices used by organisations involved in the programme during its lifecycle.  

There are several other programmes/ initiatives that have the same/similar aims to streamlining, which would benefits from access to this data. Access to this would be of benefit to the stakeholder organisations, as it would reduce their need to re-gather and duplicate this information. As such an updated MOU/ISA, which stipulated when, where and how this data would be shared after the PMO ceases on 31st March 2019.

This data will not be made publicly available through the HEE website. To request access please contact the HEE (North) Education Transformation Team: educationtransformation.north@hee.nhs.uk

If you are interested in this data, feel you have a legitimate and justifiable reason to access the data, and can evidence this would be of benefit to the participant/stakeholder organisations, please contact the HEE (North) Education Transformation Team:


PMO Team 

East Cheshire NHS Trust employed several substantive and temporary project staff during the life of the programme. The team were disbanded as of 31st March 2019.   

Website: East Cheshire

Email: ecn-tr.esrsystemssupport@nhs.net