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Pre-Preceptorship is a period of preparation for AHP’s to support their transition towards employment. This transition includes but not limited to students, internationally educated, and return to practice individuals.

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A consistent approach to AHP Pre-Preceptorship support, along with a clear understanding of the key components of effective early career support, are essential to the retention of the future AHP workforce. Although early career support is well-embedded within some professional groups or services, there is inconsistency in the offering to AHPs. 



Pre-Preceptorship support

Step to Work is an online programme hosted on e-learning for health (eLfh) which can be accessed by anyone.

The overall aim of Step to Work is to provide an additional layer of support for AHPs transitioning into employment. This includes but not limited to those that are newly qualified, internationally educated or returning to practice. Access Step to Work and view the implementation guide.

For those using Step to Work outside of the UK, the programme is available via eintegrity. To support the national launch of this online programme, a series of webinars were hosted by NHS England which can be viewed below.

Please click here to view the Step to Work launch webinar

To understand how Step to Work is implemented and the benefits it can bring, please view written case studies and the view the animation video here.

If you would like to view this in any other format, please contact: ahp-preceptorship@hee.nhs.uk

We have commissioned Birmingham City University to scope the current evidence-base, identify the needs of learners nationally, and produce best practice guidance to ensure AHP students/learners are fully prepared and supported to undertake the transition from student to employment (pre-preceptorship transition).

We have commissioned a regional collaboration project with Staffordshire Stoke on Trent AHP Faculty, Keele University and Staffordshire University to understand the pre- preceptorship requirements of AHPs from as many professional backgrounds as possible, with particular focus on protected characteristics and intersectionality for final year students, newly qualified practitioners and other qualified AHPs changing sector. This will involve surveys and focus groups to identify and determine any differences due to protected characteristics and intersectionality of learners for pre-preceptorship.

We have commissioned the University Of Derby to do a deep dive review in order to understand the specific needs of each AHP professional group with regards to pre- preceptorship and preceptorship support. This will involve a literature review and scoping exercise of AHP professional specific Pre-preceptorship and Preceptorship needs for each AHP Group, through engagement with relevant stakeholders nationally including the AHP Professional bodies, in order to identify differences and provide recommendations to inform and support the HEE commissioned project work on pre-preceptorship Best Practice Guidance and the AHP Preceptorship Implementation Framework.