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Workforce Transformation (WFT)

Workforce transformation is a process, driven by improving the way we recruit, retain, deploy, develop and continue to support the healthcare workforce, to meet the growing and changing needs of local populations – ensuring high quality care for the patients of today and the future.

By workforce, we mean the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, healthcare scientists, allied health professions, psychological therapies, porters, administrators and the many other people that provide care and support to those who access healthcare services.  

Why now?

The world is changing at a faster pace than ever before.  An aging and diverse population, living for longer with greater more complex healthcare needs, alongside technological advances, require new models of care which in turn, mean we need to do things differently, more creatively and more effectively.  

COVID19 in particular, has shown us how imperative it is to have a skilled, flexible  and resilient workforce, able to adapt quickly in times of crisis to deliver the best healthcare possible in a way that works for all. 

Visit the our Support Workforce Transformation page to find out more.

Primary and Community Care Guidance Toolkit

We’re pleased to let you know that the Primary and Community Care Guidance MSK Toolkit is now available on the Best MSK Health Collaborative workspace on Future NHS.

This provides best practice clinical guidance and evidenced based resources to support musculoskeletal (MSK) recovery and transformation opportunities across the MSK pathway for patients with hip and knee osteoarthritis, spinal pain and sciatica and shoulder pain in primary and community care.

This also includes links to the draft referral optimisation guidance for MSK orthopaedics which is now available in draft form on the Best MSK Health Collaborative workspace on Future NHS.

These resources form part of the MSK toolboxes. These toolboxes are the way in which we are grouping resources that relate, interface and support each other so that those looking for MSK improvement opportunities have one place to go and look. There will be other MSK toolboxes focusing on other speciality areas of MSK conditions, in addition to the Primary and Community MSK toolbox. Watch this space!