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Workforce transformation

Workforce transformation is a key function of Health Education England, supporting development of a workforce responsive to changes in care now and in the future.

HEE aspires to be the first point of contact for all those providing care and those seeking expert support, ​to build and develop a workforce which drives innovation and improvements for the benefit of patients and populations. 

Patrick Mitchell, Director of Innovation and Transformation:The NHS remains the envy of the world in terms of the quality it provides to patients, free at the point of care. This enviable position is largely due to the loyalty, hard work and passion of its 1.3 million strong workforce.

The challenges facing this same workforce are well documented. To meet these challenges, our workforce now needs to transform like never before - this means attracting and securing a vibrant future supply, upskilling our existing staff, creating and embracing new roles, mobilising innovation and new ways of working and ensuring compassionate and inclusive leadership.

The HEE Star is our delivery model for workforce transformation – supporting provider systems to address the workforce challenges they face today, plan their needs for tomorrow and continue to put patients at the heart of the NHS.”

The HEE Star is an online tool developed by HEE to bring structure and coherence to conversations about workforce challenges and to support workforce transformation. Take a look at the HEE Star.

If you are interested in finding out how the HEE Star can help you, or for further information on workforce transformation please contact transformation@hee.nhs.uk.