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Quality and standards subgroup

The Medical and Dental Recruitment and Selection (MDRS) Quality and Standards subgroup oversees the standards of delivery of specialty training recruitment and selection processes across the UK, aiming to drive improvements in the quality of the processes used, and to ensure standards are equitable and maintained in all medical and dental specialties across the four nations.

You can view the reports for the Quality and Standards Subgroups for 2015 and 2016 at the bottom of this page.

As part of the group’s work to improve the education and training process, and the standards they adhere to, they commission a wide range of advice and research on a wide range of issues. You can read about these, and our work, below:

GP choice, selection and training

In 2015, rather than commissioning a number of smaller reviews of parts of different recruitment and selection processes, the group decided that a significant evaluation of a single specialty would be more useful. The MDRS Quality and Standards group asked an expert partnership of academics from the Universities of London, Birmingham and Warwick to look at the issues involved in GP choice, selection and training, and the benefits of the recruitment process against the costs and time involved. This was to enable us to review the effectiveness and utility of the current processes, and it tied in with our recent review of how general practice is taught in medical schools.  It was also to explore if there was greater learning from an in depth comprehensive single specialty approach

The review, which can be viewed below, will help to inform further development of recruitment and selection, in conjunction with our recent report, ‘By Choice Not Chance: Supporting medical students towards careers in general practice’. Further detail on how the recommendations for the recruitment and selection process are implemented will be provided on this page as they progress.

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