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CapitalAHP Learner Passport

Learner passport now available

This passport has been designed to travel with learners as they go through their placement journey. The purpose of the Learner Passport (data collection document) is to:

  • aid clear and open communication to make your journey between placements as easy as possible
  • increase the Practice Educators’ knowledge of you before you start your placement
  • help us prepare an individualised experience for you.  

Streamlining the AHP placement journey with the new Learner Passport

"I am a third year physiotherapy student at London South Bank University, currently undertaking a leadership placement at Barts Health Trust. Before starting my degree, I actually worked as a human rights barrister but became really interested in health and wellness and decided to take the plunge and change careers!

I was especially excited to be assigned to the leadership placement as I am particularly interested in leadership, change management, and quality improvement. I hope to be able to work in these areas after graduating. Prior to starting this placement, I was asked to complete the Allied Health Professionals learning passport, which required me to detail the previous placements I have been on and asked me to reflect on what I would like to achieve in this current placement.

This is the first time I have been asked to fill something like this in before a placement and I really found it to be a useful exercise. It prompted me to reflect on both what I have already achieved throughout my learning journey and the varied experience I have already gained. It’s also given me the space to stop and consider what I actually wanted to achieve on this current placement.

Completing the learning passport in advance meant I went into this placement feeling like my practice educator had a good understanding of the skills and experience I already had under my belt and was also aware of the areas I wanted to improve in. It seems to me that this really helped my educator tailor this placement to my personal needs which was great, and really makes me feel like I’m getting the maximum benefit from this placement! I think learning passports are a brilliant idea and I’d love to see them be more widely adopted across all placements."

Eloise Le Santo

If you have any questions, please email the London AHP Team.