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Tri-Partite Agreement (Undergraduate Medical Education)

The Tri-Partite Agreement (UGME) is the nationally agreed framework for Undergraduate Medical Education between HEE, Education and Placement providers and is a Schedule within the NHS Education Contract.

The Tri-Partite Agreement (UGME) sets out the terms which shall apply if HEE and the Provider contract with a Placement or Education Provider (each a Party and together the Parties) to form a Tri-Partite Agreement for Undergraduate Medical Education. A TPA (UGME) is formed by HEE, Placement and Education Provider by entering into a Letter of Coordination in the form prescribed by HEE. 

The TPA (UGME) governs the sharing of responsibilities to deliver undergraduate medical training and sits alongside the Parties’ respective NHS Education Contracts and any Placement Agreement entered into by the Education Provider and Placement Provider. 


  • Incorporates the principles set out in “Annex B – Scope of Undergraduate Medical Tariff for Secondary Care Clinical Placements" in the Healthcare education and training tariff: 2022 to 2023.
  • Sets out the roles and responsibilities of the three parties: Health Education England (HEE), Education Providers (HEIs Medical Schools) and Placement providers (NHS Trusts).
  • Provides a consistent approach to the planned funding that flows between Medical Schools, NHS Providers and HEE.
  • Provides transparency in all UGME funding that is provided, where it goes and what it is for, with clear expectations for the return on that investment.

The TPA (UGME) aligns to the Medical School Liaison Committee governance structures and will help ensure that the way that funding flows between partners is not a barrier to improving how undergraduate medical education is provided.

For further information about the TPA (UGME), please email:  ugmdefunding@hee.nhs.uk.