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Education Funding Reform

How NHS education and training money is spent HEE spends over £4bn a year educating and training the health workforce - over £11m every day to support about 170,000 learners. We part fund junior doctor salaries. We invest in courses and continuing professional development for current staff. We pay clinical placement costs for all students. We provide back-fill and salary support payments for some professions. We spend to design courses, buy equipment, support learners and educators and deliver on-line education.

We fund every NHS Trust, GP surgery, and many providers in the voluntary and private sectors as well as working with Universities, Royal Colleges and Regulators to provide high-quality education and training. The pipeline of learners we fund is the future NHS workforce, and each year thousands of new nurses, scientists, dentists, pharmacists, AHPs, and doctors join the NHS as a result and thousands of current health professionals learn and develop new knowledge and skills to help patients today.

This is the single biggest health education and training budget in the world.

But knowledge of how, where and when the money is spent remains limited. We will put that right to improve scrutiny, collaboration, planning and accountability and ensure we are getting the most we can for patients out of each pound we invest.

To support this aim we are creating four new products:

  1. NHS Education Funding Guide – this will break down exactly how HEE spends education and training money to meet NHS priorities.
  2. ICS Education Funding Statements – these will give full details of spend by place, profession and pathway for each ICS area for all to see.
  3. Education Contracts – these will set out exactly what is being delivered by providers in exchange for HEE education and training spending.
  4. Multi-Professional Education and Training Investment Plan – this annual plan will set out exactly what HEE will invest in local systems to support local, regional and national education and training priorities.

If we collaborate effectively, these four products will:

  • increase transparency and understanding of education and training spending,
  • allow better planning and targeting of education and training spending,
  • ensure accountability for providers, learners and HEE in how education and training money is used to improve the quality of care for patients.

These products will give more detail than ever before about how the NHS spends education and training money. They will open-up questions and challenges about priorities, fairness and the history of spending. But most importantly they will provide opportunities for change, improvement and better outcomes for learners and patients.

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