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Cross-cutting themes

Throughout all six domains of the enhance programme run some cross-cutting themes. Although not specifically associated with any particular outcomes, they permeate the entire programme.

So when you undertake work-based activities or participate in formal learning opportunities aimed at meeting specific programme or domain outcomes, think about how these issues are playing out, and how developing your capability in these areas may help you in becoming an even more effective generalist.


In order to thrive at work, people need a sense of autonomy, belonging and competence.

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Leadership is a process of influence that occurs in a group setting towards the achievement of a common goal.

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Our interactions with the world and with each other are increasingly mediated, and in some cases being replaced, by digital technologies.

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Transformative reflection

Transformative reflection is an approach designed to help you thrive within environments of complexity and uncertainty, where there are often no clear right or wrong answers or approaches in any given situation.

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