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Transformative reflection

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We all have the capacity for reflective thought, the kind of thinking required when we encounter situations that are unfamiliar, unexpected or uncertain. These situations may lead us to hesitate, to take a moment to ‘frame’ what is happening and to search our memory for relevant knowledge and prior experiences that might help us find a way forward. Part of this is about generating different options for action, weighing up one possible action over another, before tentatively taking a step forward and paying close attention to what happens next. This type of thinking is at the heart of expert practice, it is the basis of clinical reasoning, treatment planning and innovation.

enhance is about embracing the unfamiliar, being able to frame (and reframe) the ways we do things and engaging in the types of thought-experiments that lead to meaningful changes in practice. This is about developing a deeper understanding of your own decision making and what influences it - incorporating internal and external factors, thereby creating the possibility for change for yourself and for others around you. Through a variety of learning opportunities, the enhance programme will engage you in the types of transformative learning that foster curiosity and help develop new perspectives and ways of thinking about the situations you encounter.

Reflection doesn’t have to be a solo pursuit and there are numerous examples of strategies being used in healthcare settings that foster reflective thought, such as Schwartz Rounds, Balint groups, action learning sets, and team reflection. Reflective thoughts don’t always have to be written down, though for some people journaling is a way to help develop their thinking. Reflective practice doesn’t have to be about situations where things didn’t go to plan, or where something went wrong. It can be just as powerful to think deeply and analytically about the situations where things went really well, or better than expected or situations or dilemmas that you encountered for the first time.

There will be a range of resources and materials made available to foster reflective thought and practice on the Learning Hub.

Download the enhance transformative reflection guide here