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Strategic Workforce Data Collection

The NHS Long Term Plan sets the ambition of developing a new operating model for workforce which can respond to changing capacity, capability and needs. Realistic workforce planning entails the assessment of funded workforce demand against available supply using intelligence on both at the ‘right’ level of detail.

Different parts of the system (individual organisations such as Trusts and HEIs, Systems such as STP/ICSs, NHS regional teams and National bodies) need to act in concert, to co-ordinate  all the levers that can be pulled individually and collectively to;

  • enhance existing workforce supply
  • grow future workforce supply
  • mitigate current and future workforce demand.

To bring this about requires that the system as a whole:

  • acknowledge that actions are required throughout the health care system by national, regional, local system, and individual organisations
  • empower different parts of the system to pull the right levers.

The HEE Strategic Workforce Data Collection online web tool historically called e-workforce, is a ‘Collective Forecast Demand Template’, designed to allow individual organisations to log their current and projected establishment.   This data when correlated with supply information (at the same level of granularity) will enable aggregation of current and projected funded workforce (‘establishment’) to STP, Regional and overall National positions.

This collection was last undertaken in n September 2019, for the recording of workforce establishment at the level of individual groups. Work is now underway to consider the 20/21 strategic workforce data collection.  Because of the unique and unprecedented challenges of COVID data collection activity is being carefully considered so that the burden is minimised on NHS Services that are under significant service pressure.  This may affect activity in 2020/21.