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Inspire Improvement projects

We've funded nine trainee-led projects that will improve trainees’ training and education, and in turn, improve patient care

Micro-Surgery Training at Residence (mSTAR)

Increasing accessibility to microsurgery training through tablet-based devices.

Training Professionals

Improving non-clinical training time for trainee doctors and the trainee/educational supervisor relationship.

Barriers to Effective Discharge - Breaking the Bottleneck

Improving the discharge process and streamlining patient flow.

The handbook

Supporting trainee doctors during the transition period from one department/rotation to another.

Confusion app

Improving the number of cognitive assessments being carried out in hospital settings.

Shadowing and peer mentoring - avoiding grey Wednesdays

Improving handover for new foundation doctors during rotations throughout the year.

Move, eat, treat – how to deliver effective lifestyle advice

Equipping all foundation trainees with the ability to deliver effective lifestyle advice.  

Utilising serious games to develop the decision making skills of foundation doctors

Supporting foundation doctors' decision making using a DVD based video game.

Dr Toolbox

Providing trainee doctors with one-stop-access to specific, local information that supports their day-to-day work and training. 

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