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Neonatal Good Practice and Case Studies


The HEE National Maternity and Children and Young People Programme team in collaboration with the HEE AHP Lead and representatives from the Allied Health Professions (AHPs), Pharmacists, Play Specialists and Psychologists have been working together to understand, identify and showcase the contribution and potential contribution of the professions in Neonatal Critical Care.

This has included holding HEE STAR workshops about the neonatal workforce. One of the outputs identified from the workshops was the need to develop and promote case studies/best practice examples/parent stories that articulate the benefits of these roles in Neonatal Critical Care which will aid business case development.

These guides have been designed to support health and care staff who have an interest in the planning, development, and delivery of neonatal critical care.


Download Guide A:

Report Cover A



Download Guide B:

Report Cover B


The following AHPs are included in these guides as they have a role in neonatal critical care:

• Art Therapists

• Music Therapists

• Dietitians

• Occupational Therapists

• Operating Department Practitioners

• Osteopaths

• Paramedics

• Physiotherapists

• Radiographers (Diagnostic)

• Speech and Language Therapists