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Reducing Avoidable Term Admissions

This interactive eLearning resource was commissioned and funded by Health Education England (Wessex), written and reviewed by a team of multi-disciplinary professionals. It gives you the skills and knowledge you need to make decisions and take actions to avoid term babies being unnecessarily admitted to neonatal units. You will work through realistic scenarios, facing situations that you will face as part of your work, and be asked to make decisions based on situations as they unfold.

Subject matter covered

  1. Recognising the deteriorating neonate & have the knowledge to differentiate between what is normal & what is abnormal
  2. Identify term babies at risk, or those needing early intervention, and the reasons why
  3. Understand the importance of early interventions which will improve the clinical condition of tern babies after birth & on the post natal wards, avoiding neonatal care/admission & separation of the mother & baby


The eLearning module is multiprofessional & the target users are

  1. Middle grade paediatricians in training & non-training posts
  2. Post reg child branch students
  3. Pre reg child branch & midwifery students
  4. Midwives
  5. Neonatal Nurses

Individuals will access the module that is appropriate to them i.e paediatrician/midwife/midwifery support/neonatal nurse. The scenarios which are common to all sections have been appropriately adapted for the target audience.


Please follow this link to access the web app for all desktop and mobile devices

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