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Foundation Training for Pharmacy Technicians

Foundation training builds on student learning to ensure a real understanding of the patient’s experience in the healthcare system. It will give you the skills and competencies to focus on helping the patient with self-care and decision making about their medicines. This ensures patients are supported all the time, every time with an appropriately trained medicines optimisation team. With foundation training as you take on new and advanced roles, you will learn new skills, develop your career, start to look at future roles, as well as education and training opportunities in your workplace.

Early Career and Foundation Training

Our foundation training programmes consist of time spent in practice according to individual job descriptions and responsibilities. You should be supported by trained and competent mentors and educational supervisors and assessed on your knowledge, skills and competencies through a variety of assessment methods. You should have regular reviews and appraisals to support and measure your progress.


Your development may be a one to two year programme of structured training using the Foundation Pharmacy Framework (from APTUK) which will help you to identify learning gaps and support career development. All our training programmes support the principles of medicines optimisation and the development of patient centred skills.

As a registered pharmacy professional you are accountable for meeting the nine standards of the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) Standards for Pharmacy Professionals whilst at work and also outside of work.

Supporting your Development with Work Based Learning Programmes

We provide a comprehensive medicines optimisation training programme (with introductory, optional and accredited (AMMTS) modules) supported by workbooks and e-learning modules which are suitable for foundation training and map to the APTUK foundation pharmacy framework as well as national standards.

Our Accuracy Checking Medicines Frameworks (ACT and PIPC) are suitable for all staff involved in the accuracy checking of medicines and mapped to national standards.

Mentoring is a rewarding role which supports the development of others and can be part of your own self development. If you are interested in becoming a Mentor in your workplace, see our Mentor Training Programme for more information. 

Clinical Pharmacy Technicians

Clinical Pharmacy Technicians are an important part of the multi-professional team in all sectors. A clinical prioritisation training module is available in our Medicines Optimisation Training Programme. You may be interested in Pharmacy Clinical Services Professional Diploma Level 4  This programme has been designed to meet the specific needs for further development of pharmacy clinical professionals. It is the only BTEC programme offering an academically recognised award in pharmacy clinical services within the UK.

Continuing Professional Development

GPhC CPD requirements are that pharmacy professionals demonstrate that they keep their knowledge and skills up to date in order to maintain and improve their practice.

The CPPE provides a variety of learning materials, workshops and events to help you develop your career and improve your skills.

Locally, a commissioned programme, HE CPD Certificate for Pharmacy Technicians is available from the University of Huddersfield and comprises:
•    Professional Development
•    Accuracy Checking Medicines/Medication Safety
•    Medicines Management

Consultation Skills

The Consultation Skills for Pharmacy Practice website (CSfPP) supports you through a learning pathway, as you develop and improve your patient consultation skills. It forms part of a national training and development programme, which recognises that pharmacy professionals need to work more closely with patients in order to optimise medicines use and deliver public health messages.

Other Resources and Training

Buttercups Training provides courses and programmes for the healthcare team, including public health, community pharmacy, accuracy checking and communication skills.

The National Pharmacy Association (NPA) supports community pharmacy teams with a catalogue of training and development courses.

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society has a number of resources which are available to non-members, with plenty of material freely available in the ultimate guides and hubs section.

E-learning for Healthcare provides a wide variety of on-line e-learning for all healthcare staff.

FutureLearn free online courses on a wide variety of topics from science and innovation to health, diseases and patient care.

Understanding Genomics from Genomics England, watch short films on genomics, DNA, cancer treatments, rare diseases and family stories

Further Information

If you would like to contact us please send an email to medicinesoptimisation.yh@hee.nhs.uk 

Funding and Course Finder

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