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Medicines Optimisation Training

This is a full programme of work which meets both regional and national standards of training and assessment. You will be supported by your assigned mentor and required to build a portfolio of evidence which will be assessed and verified before certificates are issued.

Information for candidates: we have developed this training programme with regional and nationally accredited modules. The programme is delivered as e-learning modules and workbooks, as well as a study day, introductory and essential modules, three nationally accredited modules (see NHS PEDC for more details) and a variety of optional module workbooks.

Medicines Optimisation E-learning Modules: We have produced a series of modules covering: medicines management essentials, prescribing and supply, administration of medicines and safe handling of medicines. Suitable for all staff handling medicines, and those staff new to medicines management. To find out more and access this training click here.


For this programme you will need:
Nomination Form
Programme Overview
Entry criteria and more information
Learning Agreement

Please download the module workbooks and documents you require to complete the training programme with your assigned mentor

Your introductory module workbooks:
Introduction to: Medicines Calculations
Introduction to: Communication Skills  
Introduction to: Wards/Clinical Environments
Medicines Management Assistants (MMA’s) Handbook

Your essential modules
Supply to Individual Patients
Patients Own Drugs (PODs)
Medicines History Taking Training Module and Example Medicines Histories for Training Task H
Medicines History Taking Assessment Booklet

Your optional modules              
Transcribing Training and Assessment 
Involving Patients in Decisions about their Medicines (Previous title: Patient Counselling and Consultation Skills)
Assessment of self-medication (SAM Scheme)

Discharge Facilitation (draft)
Clinical Prioritisation (draft)

Important programme documentation you will need
Portfolio Template 
Reading Lists Guidance
Errors Process and Re-accreditation Guidance


AMMTS Framework

For those taking the Nationally Recognised Competency Framework for Pharmacy Technicians: The Assessment of Medicines Management Skills (AMMTS) Scheme, you will require these supporting scheme documents to complete your accreditation:
AMMTS Scheme Handbook
AMMTS Portfolio
AMMTS for Experienced Technicians
AMMTS Mentor Handbook 

Further Information and Feedback

Quality Assurance and Verification Process
Feedback Form

Tutor Pack for Calculations Module: If you need to obtain this booklet please send an email with your full contact details to: medicinesoptimisation.yh@hee.nhs.uk where your request will be verified and processed.

Study Days

Important update on the planned study day on Thursday 16th November 2017 in Leeds City Centre

We have had to cancel this study day and are looking at alternative dates and venues. We will contact all booked attendees and post a new booking link as soon as possible.

For more information or if you have any queries please contact us at medicinesoptimisation.yh@hee.nhs.uk

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