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Stage 2 Roadmap verification process

The portfolio tools, including Workplace Based Assessment (WPBA) are used to evidence capability in day-to-day practice in primary care

(For guidance re Stage 1 evidence.)

  • Ensure that the stage one and stage two checklists have been completed and signed by both the trainee FCP and the Roadmap Supervisor. 
  • The trainee FCP should have a discussion with their Roadmap Supervisor when they process has been completed.  
  • The checklist of recognition processes: Stage 1 and Stage 2 (section 9.4 of the relevant FCP roadmap to practice document) is a summary of the evidence in the portfolio –relating to Stage 2 - objective in nature. 
  • The trainee FCP will need to complete section 9.4 of the relevant FCP roadmap to practice document. 
  • If they have enough evidence to demonstrate capability across all the headings, they can pass their portfolio to their Roadmap Supervisor for review, along with their self-ratings.  
  • Throughout the process there should be a range of evidence, COTs, CBDs, CEPs, CSR, Learning Log entries, MSF, PSQ, audit/QIP, tutorial record, etc.  Suggestion of 3 pieces of evidence per capability heading 
  • The Roadmap Supervisor must review the trainee FCP self-ratings and make their own rating either agreeing or disagreeing whether there is evidence of capability across all the headings. Further evidence should be linked by the Roadmap Supervisor. 
  • If the Roadmap Supervisor supports a rating of capable or excellent then the final page of section 9.4 with declarations can be completed.
  • Stage 2 is to evidence the application of the trainees KSA of stage 1 in day-today practice and to demonstrate capability in primary care. 
  • The portfolio of evidence for Stage 2 must use the portfolio tools in the framework otherwise the evidence will not be valid.  Each Roadmap has a table of requirements for stage 2. 
  • One learning log reflection a week by the trainee would build up evidence of application of knowledge and skills in everyday practice. Work-place based assessments (WPBA) provide an assessment of capability by a trained Roadmap supervisor. 
  • One COT & one CBD per month is stated in the roadmap and this should take an average of 45-60 minutes a month. These must be completed by a Roadmap Supervisor (as must CEPs assessments)
  • Feedback from patients/the public and the primary care team also provide evidence for your portfolio. The portfolio tools with guidance how to use them is included in the Roadmap appendices.
  • Section 9.4 must be completed to show how the evidence in the portfolio demonstrates capability in primary care. The trainee undertakes a self-rating and links to the evidence in their portfolio. The Roadmap Supervisor then makes a rating and can add additional evidence. Instruction on how to complete the process is available on the resources page. 
  • Section 9.4 should be completed by both the trainee FCP and Roadmap Supervisor, upon successful completion of Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the Roadmap. 
  • Following the launch of the CQC Mythbuster: Primary Care First Contact Practitioners (FCPs) colleagues in FCP roles in Primary Care are expected to have completed Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the Roadmap. This is illustrated by presenting your completed portfolio to your employer, including the signed section 9.4, as you would with any other evidence of learning.

Roadmap supervisors

  • As detailed in the roadmap each practitioners will require two workplace based assessments (WPBA) per month which will take on average a total of 45-60 minutes to complete both.  In addition to the WPBA there will be at least a daily debrief of approximately 20-30 minutes in length.
  • Some debrief can be done remotely if the ‘debriefer’ has access to the patient record – eg. phone/teams
  • Each full-time equivalent Roadmap supervisor can supervise up to four practitioners at a time.