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Psychological Professions

We aim to meet the workforce, education and training ambitions of the NHS Long Term Plan (NHS LTP)

What are the psychological professions?

The psychological professions are a diverse group of professions whose work is informed by the disciplines of psychology and psychological therapy. They work to prevent and alleviate psychological and emotional distress, manage mental health and wellbeing and empower individuals and communities to improve their lives.

These professions work across the lifespan - with children and young people, adults and older adults - as well as with communities and supporting the wider NHS workforce, and across a wide range of settings, including mental health services, hospitals, primary care services, prisons, local authorities and educational settings.

How are we expanding the psychological professions workforce?

Building on the NHS Five Year Forward View, the NHS Long Term Plan set out ambitious proposals to expand access to psychological therapies and interventions at a faster pace than ever before. This includes specific commitments to expand access to evidence-based psychological therapies and interventions in perinatal mental health, children and young people’s mental health, for adults with common mental health problems and for those with severe mental health problems. Underpinned by a ringfenced local investment worth at least £2.3 billion a year in real terms by 2023/24, this transformation in NHS services will provide high quality, evidence-based mental health services to an additional 2 million people. 

Delivering this transformation will require a ‘step-change’ in our workforce - expanding in numbers, but also investing in our staff and supporting them to work differently. Across NHS mental health services in England, an estimated 27,000 (WTE) new mental health posts will be needed to deliver the NHS Long Term Plan, in addition to the growth already being delivered under Stepping forward to 2020/21. The psychological professions workforce alone will need to grow by at least 60 per cent between March 2020 and April 2024. 

Alongside delivering a net expansion of skilled staff to support growth and transformation in psychological care, we will need to do better at retaining the skilled staff we have, investing in their skills and supporting them to use their expertise where it is most needed.  This includes up-skilling our workforce, establishing more coherent and integrated career paths for all psychological professions and developing and embedding new roles. 

Psychological professions updates and news

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