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Talent for Care and Widening Participation

Improving education, training and development opportunities available to those working in an NHS support role (typically, Agenda for Change roles banded 1-4).


While the NHS’s support workforce (those in Agenda for Change roles banded 1-4 and their equivalents) make up 40% of the total workforce and provide around 60% of patient care, this group receives less than 5% of the national training budget. Under the three primary themes of Get In, Get On and Go Further, we’re working with national, regional and local partners to change this picture, increase investment in the support workforce and to spread good practice and innovation.

Read more about the Talent for Care programme on our national page. This programme is also closely aligned with the Widening Participation programme.

The strategy sets out 10 strategic priorities which the NHS needs to address:

  1. Attract more young people into NHS employment and improve the diversity of the workforce
  2. Increase work experience opportunities
  3. Increase the number of NHS ambassadors promoting NHS careers
  4. NHS employers and contractors to implement a development programme for all support staff
  5. Implementation of the Care Certificate and, in the future where required, the Higher Certificate
  6. Double the number of apprenticeships by March 2016
  7. Simplify career progression routes including into pre-registration employment
  8. Agree with employers and education providers a universal acceptance of prior learning, vocational training and qualifications
  9. Support talent development
  10. Share information and spread good practice


The national strategic framework outlines three main areas for action:

  • Get In – Helping people by promoting opportunities for them to start their careers in a support role
  • Get On – Supporting people to be the best they can be in the job they do
  • Go Further – Providing opportunities for career progression, including into registered professions

Talent for Care was formally launched on 4 March 2015 at a joint event with Widening Participation.

To learn more about the five key goals of Widening Participation strategy and demonstrate your commitment to delivering the strategic intentions within Talent for Care and Widening Participation by signing the Partnership Pledge.

You can view the Talent for Care video on YouTube.

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