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2017 GMC National Trainee Survey results

From the GMC National Trainee and Trainer Survey we have reviewed the data and produced a number of helpful reports to support quality management across the region.

This year we have ranked number one in 15 out of the 17 indicators including clinical and educational supervision, supportive environment, workload, adequate experience and curriculum coverage.

A detailed break down of the results are grouped in helpful reports below.


You can find further guidance and helpful information on the GMC website. This includes helpful guides on how to review the questions that make up each indicator in the survey.


National ranking

Overall within England we are ranked number one for 15 out of the 17 survey indicators. We are ranked number 1 in England for: handover, supportive environment, teamwork, workload, clinical supervision, clinical supervision out of hours, educational governance, educational supervision, induction, reporting systems, local teaching, adequate experience, curriculum coverage, feedback and overall satisfaction.

Trust Local and National Ranking

This report provides results for trusts in the region based on local and national ranking using the overall mean score from GMC NTS indicators.

GP Programme Group by GP Programme

This report provides results for all GP trainees based on their GP training programme grouping. For example: Emergency Medicine at Durham and Tees Valley and General Practice at north Cumbria.

Five year trend analysis

Trend analysis provides year-on-year reports showing the outlier results (also known as red and green flags) by location and specialty over the last five years. Using these reports you will be able to see how results have changed across time. All reports can be downloaded from the related documents section below.

Programme group by trust by site

This report provides results for trainee responses based on their programme group and linked to the trust or board and site where they were working at the time of completion. For example the O&G programme report includes O&G trainees only.

Programme group by school

This report provides results for trainee responses by specialty programme and grouped by school.

Post specialty by trust

This report provides results of all trainee responses by the training post or department in which they were working in at the time of completion. Post results may include responses from specialty, GP and foundation trainees working in the department.



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