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Talent for Care

While the support workforce make up 40% of the total NHS workforce and provide around 60% of patient care, this group receives less than 5% of the national training budget. We are working with various national, regional and local partners to change this picture, to increase investment in the support workforce and to spread good practice and innovation.

Talent for Care focuses on ten strategic intentions under the three primary themes of Get In, Get On and Go Further.

Get in...Opportunities for people to start their career in a support role

  1. Broaden the ways into training and employment in the NHS,  especially to attract more young people and improve diversity  within the workforce.
  2. Increase the chances for people to try  new experiences of working in the NHS.
  3. Engage more staff to act as NHS Ambassadors who  can promote NHS careers to schools, colleges and  local communities.

“The NHS needs to employ more young people”

Get on...Support people to be the best they can be in the job they do

  1. Challenge and support every NHS employer and contractor to  implement a development programme for all support staff  that is over and above annual appraisals and mandatory training.
  2. All new Healthcare Support Workers and Adult Social Care Workers to achieve  the new Care Certificate, which will be introduced in March 2015; and, for  those that want it, a universally recognised Higher Care Certificate.
  3. Double the number of HEE funded or supported  apprenticeships by March 2016 and establish an NHS  Apprenticeship offer to rival the best in the country.

“Build in existing qualifications and allow for local needs”

Go further...Provide opportunities for career progression, including  into registered professions

  1. Simplify career progression for those who want it, with innovative  new roles and pathways to promotion, including more part-time higher  education as a route into nursing and other registered professions.
  2. Agree with employers and education providers a universal acceptance  of prior learning, vocational training and qualifications.
  3. Support talent development that identifies and nurtures  people with the potential to go further, especially for those  wanting to move into professional and registered roles.

“Easy to grasp progression routes and promotion opportunities”

Making it happen

  1. The national Talent for Care programme partnership will support this  framework with a national campaign. We will publish information,  support pilot projects and spread good practice to continue building the  engagement and commitment of all healthcare communities.

Talent for Care is closely aligned with the Widening Participation: It Matters! strategy.

To keep up to date with Talent for Care and Widening Participation, sign up to our quarterly newsletter by emailing heee.talentforcare@nhs.net

For all general enquiries about Talent for Care or to find contact details for the lead in your local area, please email heee.talentforcare@nhs.net.

Join the conversation: #TalentForCare

This Page was last updated on: 16 February 2016

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