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Programme Reviews

Programme Reviews are condensed versions of Quality Management visits which focus on smaller specialities. 

A Programme Review will consider the quality of a programme of learning across Learning Education Providers (LEP) providing placements for learners within a particular area of practice or may be a programme review within a Higher Education Institution (HEI).  The focus will be for a professional group within a curricula context.  The review will be supported by gathered intelligence and may include the use of several quality practice approaches.  Programme Reviews require direct involvement from the speciality leads with updates required on ARCP (or equivalent) outcomes, exam results, strengths of the programme and areas for development.

Learners and educators from the specific specialty are interviewed and a findings report is made available to all stakeholders.  The report details recommendations for improvements with timelines for completion, as well as areas of best practice.

The Programme Review format is currently being reviewed and piloted in postgraduate medicine and will include alterations to the panel make-up and the inclusion of additional information relating to rotation management, accreditation of Trainers and curriculum delivery.

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