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Latest updates

Check out the new Workforce Transformation category on our Roadmaps page. Get the latest MSK and other resources there. Supervision resources are now located on the Stage 1 and Stage 2 category pages. 

GP mythbuster 106: Primary care first contact practitioners (FCPs)

The CQC FCPs mythbuster describes the responsibilities for providers when recruiting and managing staff deployed in first contact practitioner (FCP) roles in primary care settings. This includes:

  • paramedics
  • first contact physiotherapists
  • dietitians
  • podiatrists
  • occupational therapists


New video for existing GP Educator Supervisors (GP ES) now available

A new video that offers voluntary top-up training to GPs who have already trained as educator supervisors is now available on Health Education England’s e-learning for healthcare Hub.

The resource provides an overview of the differences between a first contact practitioner and an advanced practitioner and also explains what masters level practice is and how it is evidenced in a portfolio.

The video also provides additional information for GP trainers to understand how best to support Allied Health Professionals moving into primary care at masters level of practice.

After viewing the video, learners will:

  • be able to understand masters level practice
  • gain understanding of allied health professionals’ offer to primary care and their specific roadmap
  • gain understanding of the background of the educational roadmaps and the advanced practice agenda


Roadmap Supervisors RMSV update

HEI First Contact Module Tenders

We are pleased to announce the winning tenders for FCP HEI masters modules for MSK and Paramedics. Occupational Therapy (OT) and Dietetics will be announced by the end of the month.

All courses will begin in 2022

Please contact the HEIs directly for information


Paramedics – 250 places are available in total shared between

MSK – 250 places shared between


Learn more about this AECC course. If you are interested in the course, please complete an expression of interest form (attached) and return this to mholmes@aecc.ac.uk.

AECC are hosting an informational event for potential applicants on Monday, 25 April, 9:30 – 11:30am on Microsoft Teams. Individuals can register their interest for the event here.



University of Hertfordshire First Contact Practitioner Musculoskeletal (MSK) Stage 1 Level 7 course 

BDA Webinars

Primary Care First Contact Dietitians and Advanced Practitioners in Primary Care: Dietetics Roadmap virtual launch - 

Recorded webinars:

a) First Contact Dietitian webinar

b) An introduction to Occupational Therapists and Dietetic First Contact Practitioner roles webinar

These webinars can be accessed under the 'BDA Primary Care Webinars' section on this page

APPN Webinars

FCP Webinar 20th May and FAQ Bonus video 

APPN webinar - What is L7 Learning? - Kay Hurst recorded on 28.01.21

APPN webinar - Where to start building a L7 portfolio...Diane Ried recorded on 25.01.21

CSP/HEE Webinars

Your first contact physiotherapy roadmap questions answered - CSP / HEE webinar recorded 11.03.21

HEE Webinars

Higher Education Institution Webinar: Development and recognition of level 7 FCP modules (recorded 31.08.21)