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Career Clinic and Internal Transfer

Nurse retention remains a priority in London and for CapitalNurse. We use a variety of tools including Career Clinics and career counselling or coaching schemes, often coupled with Transfer Schemes, in order to effectively facilitate moves for our workforce.  These tools help us to improve retention by encouraging nurses, at various career stages, to continue their careers in London.

CapitalNurse in collaboration with its stakeholders completed a pan-London Careers Clinics and Transfer Schemes research evaluation and a review of the different programmes in use.

As part of our ongoing strategy to support health and social care organisations to develop effective Career Clinics and Internal Transfer schemes, a toolkit compiling of best practice guidance and a suite of resources has been created. The guidance was created in close collaboration with stakeholders from across the Capital and walks users through the benefits and preparation/process of using and implementing these.

Career Clinics  

Supporting staff through career development opportunities is a vital part of a nurse's career and is central to building a robust retention strategy. This should be based on developing a bespoke package of support depending on the individual's strengths and career aspirations.  

Career Clinics offer the ideal platform to achieve these goals because they provide a supportive environment to discuss/agree development needs that both support the delivery of patient care, as well as driving staff career development and staff retention. Benefits also include;

  • A confidential, structured conversation with a facilitator who is dedicated to supporting professional growth.
  • Developing self-awareness, increasing confidence and motivation.
  • Understanding different career pathways.
  • Exploring options for learning and development.

A toolkit including specific digital tools has been developed to support nurses and organisations in using career clinics. 

To access the resources please click on the options from the related documents section below.

Transfer Schemes

Transfers schemes allow staff to move to a different role within a trust or across organisational boundaries usually on the same band and offer various benefits for nurses and trusts including: 

  • Increasing the retention of valuable staff by streamlining the recruitment process and the time taken to fill posts. 
  • Empowering nurses to gain new skills, map their own career pathways and benefit from the wide range of opportunities in-house or across organisation partnerships/boundaries. 
  • Reducing recruitment costs and over reliance on bank/agency nurses  

To access the suite of resources that have been developed to help nurses and health organisations benefit from a Transfer scheme, please select from the options in the related documents section below. 


  • The Digital CapitalNurse Career Framework is a tool to allow nurses to review and develop their career using career conversations, self-assessment, reflection and feedback from service users and peers. The digital tool is free-to-use and helps nurses review progress, build confidence, further career options and track career progress online
  • Career Clinic Preparation for Nurses - see related documents below
  • Career Clinic Preparation for Facilitators - see related documents below 
  • Career Clinic information leaflets - see related documents below
  • Internal Transfer Best Practice Guidance - see related documents below
  • Internal Transfer schemes information leaflets - see related documents below

Thanks to following London organisations for completing surveys, participating in the research, a deep-dives, stakeholder engagement events and the development of resources:

  • Barking & Havering NHS foundation Trust
  • Croydon University Hospital
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital
  • Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital
  • Hillingdon Hospital
  • Homerton University Hospital
  • King George’s Hospital
  • King’s College Hospital
  • North Middlesex University Hospital
  • Princess Royal University Hospital
  • Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS foundation Trust
  • Royal Marsden Hospital
  • Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital
  • St George’s Hospital
  • St Helier Hospital
  • University College Hospital NHS foundation Trust
  • Whittington Hospital