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Recruiting pre-registration pharmacists

How we recruit pre-registration pharmacists into training should be consistent with other health care professionals across the NHS, and should ensure that they possess the values required to work within the NHS. 

Pre-registration pharmacists are individuals enrolled on a General Pharmaceutical Council pre-registration pharmacist scheme; professional training required after graduation.  This 52 week programme involves being signed off as fit to practice by a pre-registration pharmacy tutor and successful passing a registration assessment.





Our current work in this area includes:

  • Attracting the right candidates to pharmacy training, including ensuring their values aligned to the NHS Constitution.
  • Developing a professional attributes framework for pre-registration pharmacists, which will outline the knowledge, skills attitude and other personal qualities all pharmacists should have. Once developed, this framework will be used to inform recruitment and selection methods at the pre-registration stage.
  • Developing a national recruitment and selection process for pre-registration pharmacist trainee applications, which will use Oriel, an online application portal that will enable pharmacy applicants to manage their entire application process through one single site.

From 2017, Oriel will be used by applicants to apply to all hospital preregistration training posts and for community posts for community employers who wish to opt in, allowing one system to be used for recruiting to posts across all sectors of pharmacy. Through Oriel, applicants will be able to apply, book interview slots and be sent offers/relevant communications via one system.

For further information, please contact HEEreforms@nhs.net.


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