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Newly Qualified Pharmacist pathway resource library

This library of resources will help to support your learning and development as a newly qualified pharmacist.  They may also be of use if you have recently changed pharmacy sector.

Resources have been grouped according to the RPS Post-registration Foundation Pharmacist Curriculum domains (below): they are intended to help you learn and develop, and to demonstrate your competence against the curriculum learning outcomes following your learning needs analysis.

The Post-registration Foundation Pharmacist Curriculum domains

  1. Communication and collaborative working
  2. Professional practice
  3. Leadership and management
  4. Education
  5. Research

The list of learning resources provided is not exhaustive and can be used alongside other resources available to you locally. Resources provided include those that are commonly used by the pharmacy workforce and which you should find beneficial during this stage of your career.

Please note that you may be required to register to access some of the resources – there is more information below.

 How to use these resources

To make best use of the resources it is recommended that you familiarise yourself with them and bookmark these webpages on your browser. It is not intended that you utilise all these resources: they are provided as a collection for you to refer to, as and when a learning or development need is identified.

Some links provided will take you to an organisation’s home page, where you can search for specific topics.

It recommended that you discuss with your Educational Supervisor which areas will best enhance your learning and support your development, based on your learning needs analysis, and that will enable you to evidence your progression against the curriculum learning outcomes. You will notice that some learning packages are designed to be undertaken over several hours and, where appropriate, it is recommended that you select the specific elements that are considered most relevant to your needs.

Registering to access resources

To access some of the resources you will need to register with the provider or have an email address ending with nhs.net or nhs.uk. Please expand the boxes to learn more about these resources and how to register for them.