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Beyond Foundation

We know that many doctors in training chose, for a wide variety of reasons, to take a break from Foundation in Specialty training. Many will continue to work in the NHS, others may take up clinical opportunities overseas or in a voluntary capacity, whilst others may simply wish to take a break or take time to gain new experiences.

We are keen to support these doctors during this time and provide practical help when they decide it is time to return to their training programme. Options available include less than full time training and Supported Return to Training.

HEE’s E-Learning for Healthcare portal also provides a wide range of online learning.

To access support and information you can contact your local HEE office via the links below.

For the latest information on recruitment and to apply to a specialty training programme, please visit the Medical and Dental Recruitment Service website.

Careers Planning

We understand that planning your career can be challenging at times. There is a range of resources to help you, via your Trust, such as careers fairs, expert guidance from senior colleagues and taster weeks. Your HEE local office will also be able to provide advice and guidance.

Having a pause in training

We hope that if you have a training pause - it is for a positive reason; such as spending time abroad, developing a broader experience in a particular specialty or research or a new family . 

However, If you are considering having a training pause because of exhaustion or stress, difficult decisions, negative feelings about the future, then we want to hear from you. Start with your FTPD and talk through your worries and issues. If this is due to a problem with your training programme, we will want to try and fix the situation as well as signposting you to other supportive resources.

Local HEE Offices

Thames Valley

Support provided by HEE Thames Valley includes:

  • Access to your Professional Support Unit
  • Medic Support wellbeing service
  • Support with your e-portfolio and ARCP
  • Information on local careers evenings

Contact the HEE Thames Valley Office here - http://www.oxforddeanery.nhs.uk/

Yorkshire & the Humber

Support provided by HEE Yorkshire & the Humber includes:

  • Free workshops on flexibility options
  • Links to webinars about Supported Return to Training
  • Access to useful documents and guidance around flexible training options and returning to training
  • Information on accessing coaching and mentoring

Contact the HEE Yorkshire & Humber Office here - https://www.yorksandhumberdeanery.nhs.uk/

East of England

Support provided by HEE East of England includes:

  • Information on useful flexibility documents
  • Links to useful courses and events
  • Information on Supported Return to Training
  • Careers advice
  • Taking a pause in training
  • F3 resources

Contact the HEE East of England Office here - https://heeoe.hee.nhs.uk

West Midlands

Support provided by HEE West Midlands includes:

  • Links to online resources and courses
  • Information on Supported Return to Training

Contact the HEE West Midlands Office here - https://www.westmidlandsdeanery.nhs.uk/

North West

Support provided by HEE North West includes:

  • Links to health and wellbeing resources
  • Information on Supported Return to Training
  • Access to information on mentoring

Contact the HEE North West Office here - https://www.nwpgmd.nhs.uk

London & South East

Support provided by HEE London & South East includes:

  • Access to Supported Return to Training information

Contact the HEE London and South East Office here - https://www.lpmde.ac.uk


Support provided by HEE Wessex includes:

  • Access to mentoring

Contact the HEE Wessex Office here - http://www.wessexdeanery.nhs.uk/

East Midlands

Support provided by HEE East Midlands includes:

  • Information on Supported Return to Training

Contact the HEE East Midlands Officer here - https://www.eastmidlandsdeanery.nhs.uk

North East

Support provided by HEE North East includes:

  • Information on Supported Return to Training
  • Careers advice
  • Access to health and wellbeing webinars and guides

Contact the HEE North East Office here  - https://madeinheene.hee.nhs.uk/

South West

Support provided by HEE South West includes:

  • Access to information on Supported Return to Training
  • Leadership development resources
  • Information on flexible working options

Contact the HEE South West Office here - https://peninsuladeanery.nhs.uk/