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Equality Diversity and Inclusion

HEE has always been committed to supporting the equality, diversity and inclusion agenda within our work, and the recent impact of COVID 19 on BAME communities and staff, and the Black Lives Matter movement have focussed thinking to prioritise this work within our work programmes.

HEE Deans established the HEEDs Equality Diversity and Inclusion Committee, committed to advancing diversity and inclusion in line with the HEE Framework: ‘Diversity and Inclusion - Our Strategic Framework 2018-2022’. This Framework helps HEE remain focused on what matters and to better understand what can, and should, be done to support the diversity and inclusion agenda; whilst HEE delivers on our prime role of workforce planning in the healthcare system.

The Framework is aligned to our existing national and corporate objectives, priorities and values as well as the principles set out in the NHS Constitution.

The Framework is structured around the key themes of Our People, Our Business and Our Influence.

  • Our People – HEE recognises the importance of valuing diversity and inclusion in the workplace and understands the benefits that can be achieved through building an inclusive and representative workforce.

  • Our Business – Through the Framework we will work to achieve a cultural change that leads towards consistent consideration of inclusion in business and delivery of key functions.

  • Our Influence – HEE has a crucial role to play, within the healthcare system, in supporting a world-class approach to education and training that creates ladders of opportunity for people in every setting and from every background. We will use our influence with stakeholders to further diversity and inclusion in the wider healthcare system and within medical and clinical education.

In line with the framework, there are several resources already available to support trainees and employees within the healthcare system.

Inclusive Educational Faculty Recruitment: ensuring best practice

This document seeks to establish a fresh approach to faculty recruitment, enabling simpler access to the many excellent resources already available to colleagues responsible for recruiting new talent to the educational faculty. Providing a deeper understanding of the vital importance of following Inclusive Recruitment principles, we can ensure we are building the best possible teams to support our learners as they develop their skills to become the clinicians, and the future faculty, themselves. Please click here to view the document.

A Word version can be found in the Related Documents section below.

Learners with disabilities "Find your way" guides

Learners and employees in healthcare with a disability, learning difference, or long-term health condition (including long-term effects of COVID-19 and mental health conditions) may be able to access additional support that will enable you to equitably access your education and employment in healthcare. There are guides available here, breaking down what's available and how to apply and when.

MultiFaithCultural Calendar

In line with the Framework, HEE North East has produced resources to support workforce equality and diversity; a MultiFaithCultural Calendar and a set of faith summaries as an accompanying reference guide. These resources are available to support trainers and trainees when scheduling timetables, rotas and other important events as part of improving awareness and understanding of a wide spectrum of cultural and spiritual needs. Faith summaries and a calendar and planner have been created for:

  • Buddism
  • Hinduism
  • Islam
  • Judaism
  • Sikhism
  • UK Cultural Events

These calendars can be found at the bottom of this page.

Attending speaking events

Many colleagues in HEE and across the wider NHS are considering equality, diversity and inclusion in their decision making when attending events. Specifically requesting confirmation that the event or speaking panel is diverse before accepting invitations. An example of a booking form that can be used to support these discussions can be found at the bottom of the page.

London-wide survey summary report of discrimination and harassment in primary care now available

Everyone in the NHS deserves to work in an environment that is safe, welcoming, and free of discrimination. HEE has just published the first ever London-wide survey of discrimination and harassment in primary care which is where 90% of NHS consultations take place.

A significant number of those taking part reported being victims of discrimination both in the workplace and in the communities they serve. While this is hard to accept, it is valuable knowledge that can help us explore the underlying issues and take clear and effective steps to address them. 

The London Primary Care in Workforce Race Strategy sets out the actions we are taking in response to this survey. We are collaborating with partners across health and care and local employers to ensure plans are aligned, support is provided where needed to ensure maximum impact and that interventions are appropriate and sustainable.

Post pandemic, the workforce is under more pressure than ever before so understanding the realities and experiences of the people delivering and supporting critical services is vital to close the gap on health inequalities and improve the experiences of the workforce and the population.

A pan-London workshop took place in March 2022 to provide system partners the opportunity to respond to the survey and discuss ways to address the suggestions made in it. This work also supports London's Workforce Race Strategy.

PDF documents

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Word documents

Please email the Primary Care Team if you have any questions about the report

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