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E-portfolio and downloadable resources

We have appointed the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS), in collaboration with Axia Digital, to deliver the new e-portfolio system for all trainee pharmacists in England for the 2021/2022 foundation year.

This e-portfolio will directly support the use of the HEE assessment strategy.

Roll-out of the e-portfolio is under way: over 3,000 trainees and designated supervisors have gained access since roll-out started on 12 August. 

Orientation workshops

We are planning more joint workshops with RPS to help support users of the trainee e-portfolio. We will share more information on this page soon, including dates and how to register for these webinars. 

Recordings from our November and December workshops are available on the RPS website.  


We continue to work to link trainees with their designated supervisors, using data from the HEE data collection surveys as well as data from the GPhC. Roll-out has been extended to education programme directors (EPDs) and educational leads to gain view-only access to the e-portfolio. User guides are available at the end of this page under 'Related Documents' and a companion trainee user guide video is also available.  

Please note: Trainees who have yet to receive access to the e-portfolio can keep planning and recording their assessment activities by downloading the assessment forms below. These records can be uploaded into the e-portfolio in due course.

New functionalities

Multisource feedback (MSF) and the Deleting of Records functionalities are now live. Additional functionalities including patient satisfaction questionnaires are currently in development. 

    Multisource Feedback (MSF): The Multisource feedback (MSF) tool, which is based on the mini-Team Assessment of Behaviour (miniTAB), is used to formatively evaluate the trainee pharmacist’s professional behaviour, as perceived by their colleagues. It comprises a self-assessment completed by you (as the trainee pharmacist), and feedback from a range of multi-professional colleagues. 

    Deleting Records: This process can only be completed by the designated supervisor. Any records that the trainee or the designated supervisor has started in error or completed records that no longer needed, can be deleted from the trainee's e-portfolio. These will remain in the recycle bin with the option to restore records if needed. 

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    You will  find recent e-portfolio Frequently Asked Questions at the end of this page .

    Please note that if your account is locked or suspended, or for any functionality issues, you should contact the RPS:  

    - Email: eportfolio@rpharms.com  

    - Telephone: 0207 572 2737 (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday) 

    Assessment forms and video guides

    We have developed a series of training videos and templates to help trainees and their designated supervisors collect evidence. Click on the headings below to download the forms in Word. The forms are also available at the end of this page under 'Related documents'.

    Getting started

    Supervised learning events

    Other evidence forms

    Progress reviews

    • Signing off learning outcomes - Watch this short video to find out more 
    • 13 and 26 week progress reports - Watch this short video to find out more

    Communications and feedback 

    E-portfolio Frequently Asked Questions 

    Please also refer to the comprehensive e-portfolio trainee user guide and companion video. The user guide is also available at the end of this page under 'Related documents'. Further guides for designated supervisors, educational programme directors and educational leads and for collaborators are also available to download.

    Click on the '+' signs for the latest e-portfolio FAQs.

    How do I get access to the e-portfolio? 

    If you are a trainee pharmacist: Registration closed on 12 December 2021. Please discuss how you collect evidence records with you designated supervisor and/or training provider.

    Please note: For any trainees who registered on or before 12 December 2021; your registration is being processed.  It can take 2-4 weeks to process the information and set up access to the e-portfolio

    If you are a designated supervisor: Please complete this DS data collection survey to gain access.   

    If you are an education programme directors/training lead: Please complete this short survey to gain view-only access to the e-portfolio. 

    How do I know if I have access to the e-portfolio? 

    You will receive an automated email from 'Axia No Reply' which will provide you with login details to access the e-portfolio.    

    Please check your junk/spam mail folder, as automatic emails can get filtered out as spam. 

    However, if you cannot locate this email, you can login using your GPhC number and using the forgotten password link: https://pharmacisteportfolio.hee.nhs.uk/forgotpassword

    You can access the e-portfolio here: https://pharmacisteportfolio.hee.nhs.uk/

    I have a new designated supervisor that needs access to my e-portfolio what should I do?

    You must inform the GPhC of the change in designated supervisor as soon as possible so that your records remain up to date. You can do this by completing the GPhC change of foundation training details form

    You should submit this change form directly to the GPhC and email a copy to traineepharmacist@hee.nhs.uk for processing. We will add the new designated supervisor to the e-portfolio and send out log-in details.

    Change forms are processed in date order of receipt and can take between 2-4 weeks to action.

    How should we start recording training activities until we have access to the e-portfolio?  

    Until you have access to the e-portfolio, you and your designated supervisor can get started with the assessment activities. Download assessment forms from our website or use your own internal documentation and templates.  

    When you have access to the e-portfolio, these records can be uploaded into the system and linked to the learning outcomes.   

    Should we build evidence of learning in the new e-portfolio and in other existing e-portfolios?   

    The new foundation training year e-portfolio has been designed to support trainee pharmacists in all sectors of pharmacy. 

    If you are currently using an e-portfolio provided by an external provider, please discuss the options with them. You can also get in touch with your regional HEE team who will be able to advise: 

    - North: Medicinesoptimisation.north@hee.nhs.uk 

    - Midlands and East of England: Pharmacy.me@hee.nhs.uk  

    - South: Pharmacy.south@hee.nhs.uk 

    - London and Southeast (LaSE): Lasepharmacy@hee.nhs.uk 

    How is HEE prioritising who gets access to the E-portfolio?

    We are prioritising access to the e-portfolio via completion of trainee and designated supervisor surveys in date order. If you have not yet completed the survey, please complete this Designated Supervisor Survey as soon as you are able to.

    Please note that once the survey information has been sent back to HEE, it will take 2-4 weeks to process the information and set up access to the e-portfolio. You will receive an email from traineepharmacist@hee.nhs.uk informing you when your log-in details will be sent.

    I am a designated supervisor and have been given access to the e-portfolio, but I don’t seem to be linked to my trainee? 

    There are two reasons why you may not be able to see your trainee:

    1. Your trainee’s account has not been set up yet.

    We are prioritising access to the e-portfolio via completion of trainee and designated supervisor surveys in date order. Please note that once the survey information has been sent back to HEE, it will take 2-4 weeks to process the information and set up access to the e-portfolio.

    2. Your trainee has not created any evidence within their account yet.

    The portfolio accounts can only link once the trainee has undertaken some activity within their portfolio, and therefore linked trainees may not appear in your dashboard until they login to their account and perform an activity. Please ask your trainee to sign into their account and create initial evidence – at this point you will be able to see their portfolio using the “My Trainees (DS)” summary page.

    If you have checked the points above and are still unable to see your trainee within the “My Trainees (DS)” summary page, please contact eportfolio@rpharms.com to investigate this issue further.

    Can a pharmacist training to become a designated supervisor have access to a trainee's e-portfolio?

    Only designated supervisors who are named on the trainee pharmacist GPhC application will be given access to the e-portfolio. Access to a trainee pharmacist e-portfolio is linked to the designated supervisor information held by the GPhC.

    I am an educational programme director/educational lead: What access rights do I have within the trainee e-portfolio?

    As an educational programme director/educational lead, you will be able to view your trainees’ overall progress during the foundation training year. You will have access to a summary dashboard of all trainees within your organisation or cohort including:

    - Trainee name
    - Associated designated supervisor for each trainee
    - Associated cohort of each trainee
    - Cumulative count of all records mapped to the HEE Assessment Activities for each associated trainee
    - A progress bar to show an ‘at a glance’ view of the progress the relevant trainee is making against the learning outcomes
    - Number of days leave taken (which includes annual leave, sickness, and other leave)
    - A count of the number of meeting records they have created using the designated supervisor meeting tool (this does not include a count of any other meeting types - i.e., progress review meetings, or Other Meetings)
    - A column indicating whether the trainee has completed their 13-week Foundation Training Progress Report
    - A column indicating whether the trainee has completed their 26-week Foundation Training Progress Report

    I am an educational programme director/educational lead and have been given access to view the e-portfolio, but I can’t see any of my trainees when I log in?

    You will not be able to view the e-portfolio unless your associated trainees and designated supervisors have access to and have started using their e-portfolio by creating evidence. If your trainee is visible but you can only see the designated supervisors' GPhC number and not their name, this means the designated supervisor has not yet got an account. You will need to liaise with your trainees and designated supervisors to ensure they have access and have started to use the e-portfolio.

    I am an educational programme director/educational lead and need to complete a trainee’s progress report as the designated supervisor is absent and will not be able to complete the review on time. Can I have access to the e-portfolio?

    As per GPhC requirements – The progress reports should be carried out by the named designated supervisor.  If the education programme director or educational lead is to carry this out, then the GPhC needs to be informed and the change in designated supervisor process needs to be followed.

    When I get access to the e-portfolio, what should I do first? 

    Check your details, read through the terms and conditions, and familiarise yourself with the e-portfolio. 

    Trainees and designated supervisors should check the trainee user guide and discuss with their designated supervisor what needs to be completed or uploaded and when, in the e-portfolio. You will find a trainee user guide at the end of the page under ‘Related Documents’ and a companion video is also available. Guides for designated supervisors, education programme directors and educational leads, and for collaborators are also available to download at the end of the page. 

    As a trainee pharmacist you will need to start an activity or complete a record for your designated supervisor to start reviewing.

    What device should I use to access the e-portfolio? 

    For the best possible experience, users are encouraged to use the desktop version to complete forms and use the mobile version to check status. 

    The e-portfolio is compatible with most mobile phones.

    How can trainees completing their foundation training within industry best manage their portfolio/training record?

    The e-portfolio enables trainee pharmacists and their designated supervisors to document their progress against the GPhC Interim Learning Outcomes, which can be done irrespective of sector of practice. We would encourage all trainee pharmacists to use the e-portfolio.

    We are interested to hear from those in industry and understand if the e-portfolio has been built in a way that enables them to document their evidence from their experience, if there are issues arising email traineepharmacist@hee.nhs.uk

    I am a designated supervisor signing off evidence that has already been reviewed by a collaborator. Do I need to review the assessment activity and learning outcome mapping?

    As a designated supervisor your role is to review evidence submitted by the trainee in full, including the assessment activity and learning outcome mapping. Ultimately, you will be responsible for signing off learning outcomes for the trainee, so it is important that you review all evidence submitted in full, including any mapping, regardless of whether or not a collaborator has reviewed the evidence as well.

    I am a designated supervisor and waiting for access to my trainee's e-portfolio. How can I conduct the 13-week progress report and sign this off within the e-portfolio?

    The GPhC paperwork to conduct the 13-week progress report can be found here. The 13-week progress report should not be delayed. We suggest meeting with your trainee and looking through their e-portfolio with them to look at progress and discuss action plans. The trainee will be able to upload the progress report to the e-portfolio. When you receive access, you will be able to sign this off. 

    Please note: If the report is marked unsatisfactory, the trainee must send a PDF copy to prereg@pharmacyregulation.org

    Please see GPhC website for more details.

    The trainee pharmacist's named designated supervisor is not able to carry out the GPhC progress report due to sickness/absence.  Can the educational lead for the programme complete this?

    As per GPhC requirements – The progress reports should be carried out by the named designated supervisor.  If the education programme director or educational lead is to carry this out, then the GPhC needs to be informed and the change in designated supervisor process needs to be followed.

    Why does the progress reports need to be logged within the e-portfolio?

    This will allow your designated supervisor and educational lead to monitor that foundation training progress reports are conducted in a timely manner.

    What does the trainee have to do if their assessment is marked as unsatisfactory?

    The trainee must send a PDF copy of the report to prereg@pharmacyregulation.org

    What is an LNA and a PDP?

    An LNA is short for a learning needs analysis. It enables trainees and their supervisors to identify and prioritise the trainee’s most important and urgent learning needs.

    A PDP is short for a personal development plan. These are specific plans of activities set for the next significant period of learning (this period will vary between trainees and designated supervisors).

    The LNA and PDPs should be viewed as a learning opportunity.  For example, they provide an instance for the trainees and their designated supervisor to become familiar with the interim learning outcomes and prioritise in terms of how to achieve these.

    How many learning needs analysis do trainees have to complete during their training year?

    As a minimum, this has been set at the start of your training programme and at week 26.  You can complete more - every 13 weeks.  This will need to be discussed and agreed with your designated supervisor.

    The LNA must be completed prospectively, covering an agreed period of training.

    LNAs are an opportunity for the trainee pharmacist and their supervisors to identify and prioritise the trainee's most important and urgent learning needs, so you can have as many or as few as is appropriate.

    I made an error on my LNA, how can I edit this?

    The system will allow you to edit your LNA up to the point that you mark this as complete. Once marked as complete, you will not be able to edit this. If an LNA is marked as complete, we suggest re-doing that particular one. 

    Can a learning outcome appear in more than one PDP?

    Yes. Learning Outcomes can appear in more than one PDP. 

    If the learning outcomes have been met and signed off by your designated supervisor, then these will not be an option to select for the PDP.

    Should an LNA and PDP which were generated prior to e-portfolio launch be uploaded to the e-portfolio?

    This decision will need to be agreed between the trainee and the their designated supervisor.

    If a trainee has already completed an LNA/PDP at the start of the training year and prior to the launch of the e-portfolio, then we recommend the trainee keeps this. Subsequent LNAs that will follow in the training year will need to be completed on the e-portfolio.

    Do split placement trainee pharmacists need to submit a new LNA and PDP when they rotate into their next placement?

    This is dependent on your split placement. For example, if the placements are distinct blocks of 3 or 6 moths, then we recommend a new LNA/PDP. However, if they are set as partial weeks,  for example 2 days in one placement and 3 days in another, we recommend generating a single LNA and PDP.

    Will portfolios, LNAs etc be transferred across and visible to designated supervisors for cross-sector trainees?

    Joint designated supervisors will both able to see the e-portfolio (once linked on the system). This will help with handover, as they will have access to all evidence and progress. In this scenario, ensuring both designated supervisors are linked to a trainee pharmacist is key.

    Is it mandatory to complete and upload LNAs and PDPs to the e-portfolio this year?

    No, we are not mandating that the LNAs and PDPs are uploaded to the e-portfolio. The LNA and PDP should be viewed as a learning opportunity and will be beneficial to determine a trainee’s learning needs.

    How can a workplace supervisor be copied into the evidence summary so that they can add comments prior to submission to the designated supervisor?

    Clinical and practice supervisors can review trainee pharmacists’ evidence via the ticketing process.

    If the evidence types are supervised learning events, then they can grade the trainee within the tools, provide feedback and agree with the trainee which learning outcomes it meets.

    With other evidence, feedback can be provided and if the clinical/practice supervisor is familiar and confident with the GPhC interim Learning Outcomes, they can agree or select additional learning outcomes.

    With both types of evidence, the designated supervisor will see the feedback from the clinical/practice supervisor and can add their own feedback prior to finally signing off the evidence.

    Clinical and practice supervisors cannot access the full e-portfolio of a trainee, unless they are the designated supervisor for the trainee.

    My ticketed supervisor has not reviewed evidence sent to them.  What do I do?

    Contact your ticketed supervisor and highlight that there is evidence for them to review.  The email may have gone into their junk/spam mailbox.

    You may also wish to discuss this with your designated supervisor, who could discuss reviewing evidence with your ticketed supervisor.

    Can a Pharmacy Technician be a collaborator? 

    Yes. The Pharmacy Technician must have witnessed you completing the activity and must agree to authenticate the evidence as a collaborator through the e-portfolio.

    Can I change my password when I first log into the e-portfolio?

    When you first login to your account, please make sure that you are copying your password directly from your access email. Do not add any spaces/additional characters, as this will result in your login failing. If your first attempt at logging in fails, we recommend manually copying out your password to avoid any errors.

    We also recommend that you go to the “My Details” page when you first access the e-portfolio, and change your password to something more secure/memorable.

    Can I be locked out of the e-portfolio if I enter my password incorrectly too many times?

    If you forget your password at any point or if you have been locked out of your account by entering the wrong password on more than 3 occasions, you will need to reset it by selecting “Forgotten password?”.

    You will be directed to a screen that enables you to reset your password.

    For site security, a set limit has been agreed on the number of failed attempts that users can make when trying to login to their accounts. In order to avoid experiencing this issue, we recommend that users ensure that they are copying their password out accurately.

    Tip: Please make sure that your password does not include any spaces/additional characters when you copy this from your access email. We recommend that you go to the “My Details” page on the e-portfolio and change your password to something more memorable when you first login.

    I have evidence which does not have an option within the e-portfolio.  Where can I upload this?

    Anything that provides evidence for specific learning outcomes that are more difficult to demonstrate using other assessment activities can be uploaded under 'miscellaneous evidence'.

    Emails from the e-portfolio are 'on hold' by Postmaster Exchange. How do I gain access to them?

    You may receive an email from Postmaster Exchange notifying you that they are holding emails addressed to you within the Mimecast service. This is a simple security step: all you need to do is open the email from Postmaster Exchange and click on 'Permit'. This will release the email to your inbox and will add the sender's address to your personal 'Permit' list, so future emails are not put on hold.

    Please note that this may differ depending on training site and IT infrastructure. If you are unsure, please contact your local IT department or service desk.

    Where can I find more information on the HEE assessment strategy and activities?

    Visit the HEE Training Pharmacist Foundation Year Programme webpage.

    I am a trainee pharmacist, and my email address has changed since I started using the E-portfolio. Who do I need to contact to notify this change?

    A change in detail such as name or email address will need to be amended by the HEE admin team. Please contact trainee.pharmacist@hee.nhs.uk with the change in detail request.

    Can pharmacy technicians supervise Learning Events?

    Yes. Other people, including pharmacy technicians, can supervise Learning Events (SLEs), such as MiniCEX, CBDs, DOPS or MRCF, provided this is agreed with your designated supervisor. The Pharmacy Technician must have witnessed you completing the activity and must agree to authenticate the evidence as a collaborator through the e-portfolio. You will need to use the ticket option to send an email from within the e-portfolio to ask the collaborator to comment on the SLE. More information about SLEs and how to conduct them can be found under 'Assessment forms and video guides' on this page.