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HEE financial support for education and training in Quarter 1 2020/21 financial year


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Health Education England is working to maintain education and training capacity, retain students on education and training programmes, and enable students to provide their skills to the NHS to support the response. HEE recognises the importance of maintaining the stability of funding flows to help our education and training partners to focus on the COVID-19 response, to continuing to support students and trainees still able to train, and to preserve the education and training environment for new students post-pandemic.

In March, HEE wrote to all NHS Trusts to notify them that it would be making a block three-month Quarter 1 payment to them on account; calculated as 25% of the 2019/2020 value of education and placement activity that they supported in that year. The payment should have reached all NHS Trusts before 15th April 2020. 

In April, a second HEE letter provided an update on Q1 funding arrangements to NHS Trusts, Higher Education Institutions providing medical and healthcare courses, and Medical Schools. It stated that core elements of the LDA Quarter 1 payments would be fixed in line with the 2019/2020 activity levels, with inflation to be adjusted later in the financial year when appropriate. Those core elements are:

  • All Education & Training Placement Tariff related activity;
  • All salary support payments (enabling salary-supported students to continue their employment irrespective of the COVID-19 impact on their education programme);
  • All non-tariff HEE funded postgraduate posts (such as palliative care, public health);
  • Trainee Programme Director and Heads of School payments.

All other payments made in Quarter 1 will be retrospectively adjusted to ensure funding reflects the actual activity incurred. For the purposes of financial stability, 2019/20 tariff/funding rates will be maintained.

Letter to Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)

Letter to Medical Schools

Letter to NHS Trusts